Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal from man’s back

It is fact that armpit waxing, chest-waxing, shoulder-waxing, back waxing are outdated nowadays due to pain and lack of time. Males living worldwide want permanent hair removal for their unwanted hairs. Skin specialists are getting large number of men for laser hair removal which is on the rise nowadays.

Laser hair removal for men is quite useful for men who have unwanted hairs on their face, back, chest, shoulders, ears, abdomen, legs, arms, armpits and other parts of body.

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Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a latest technology in which naturally grown hairs are moved from thick hair growth areas to bald parts.
Most of hair transplant procedures are performed in an OT (Operation Theatre) of a surgeon specialized in the technology. The transplantation is not generally a single day procedure in which a surgeon checks out your hair loss and considers suitable donor parts on your body. After making a decision to select an appropriate hospital and a reliable surgeon, you will be given an appointment to undergo a minor surgical procedure. Continue reading “Hair transplant”

Cost of FUE hair transplant in Ludhiana

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant (HT) is a modern HT over FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) HT or Strip harvest method. FUE technique is most reliable and less invasive than FUT to treat several hair loss issues with minor surgery successfully. The technique went through several years of reform starting from 1988 in Japan where Masumi Inaba described it introducing the use of a one millimeter needle for extraction of follicular units from skin. Continue reading “Cost of FUE hair transplant in Ludhiana”


Instrumental advancement in FUE hair transplant


Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is become an advanced procedure over Strip method of hair transplantation due to significant improvement in instrumental industry through long experience and research in medical by surgeons and physicians living worldwide. FUE is one of the best techniques for hair graft collection that is required to perform a transplant procedure. A transplant procedure may be required to set front hairline or to treat baldness or hair thinning on head. It is also used for transplanting naturally growing hairs on the thinning showing features of face including eyebrow, beard, mustache or eyelash. It is useful and liked by most of patients experiencing the disorder in the world. Continue reading “HAIR LOSS”



Female hair lossis also known as female pattern baldness. One of the most common forms of female hair loss is a condition called Telogen effluvium which involves a diffuse shedding of hairs on scalp, face and other parts of body. This is generally because of a reaction to intense stress involving hormones or as a reaction to medication. Continue reading “FEMALE HAIR LOSS”