Dutas is a highly reliable prevention product which helps the body to keep the testosterone to optimum parameters instead of it being converted into dihydrtestosterone (DHT). It’s is known that the development of the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can be sometimes caused by the involvment of the DHT.





General description of the product
Dutas is a very popular medication used to treat BPH on male patients and the Androgenetic Alopecia. Short from (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), the BPH is a prostate condition which makes the patients suffering from it to urinate harder and provide a weak stream, multiple times, especially at night when the body relaxes. By reducing the size of the prostate, Dutas helps reducing the risks of surgical intervention and maintains a normal balance regarding a normal person’s daily urinating.
Apart the BPH treatment, Dutas also helps male patient to regain their hairs on the scalp by reducing the hair loss and increasing the growth of new ones. It’s highly relaible and most common in most parts of the world. It doesn’t require a medical prescription therefore it is easy to use and administrate by any person diagnosed with BPH or Androgenetic Alopecia.

Recommendations and dosage
Although a behind the counter medicine, Dutas is best to be administrated after a proper consult from your personal physician. Medical attention and consulting increases the chances of a positive results during the period of the whole treatment. Dutas only provides positive results and increased effects if taken accordingly and without further combinations with other similar pills.
Since Dutas is not a cure but a treatment for BPH and Andrigenetic Alopecia, the effect will last for as long as the patient will use the medication as a treatment.
In order to reduce the possibility of minor or medium side effects, it is always recommended that you notice your doctor ahead of starting the treatment. In some cases, these possible side effects may occur even if all the recommendations were followed. That’s due to the patient’s personal medical record and his body natural resistance to the drug’s ingredients.
In some cases,milf head aches, light nausea, short chest pain and even vomiting might occur. When that’s the case, it’s best to seek medical advice as soon as possible and pause the treatment until further notice.
The normal dosage on a adult person in one pill per day, ahead or before eating and always with water. Never mix Dutas with alcohol or other harmful substances.

Side Effects

– Head aches
– Nausea
– Stomach Pain
– Short Vomiting
– Allergies
– Depression
– Testicle Swelling

When talking about allergies, it’s best to know that Dutas is strictly forbidden for persons with allergenic history and increased risks or allergies to the ingredients forming the product. For the best information always check the instructions found inside the box and talk with your doctor about the whole situation.
Persons suffering from heart problems or hypersensitivity are to consult a doctor before using Dutas. The medication’s main ingredients and it’s potential side effects might lead to unwanted effects on users suffering from such conditions.

Storage Recommendations
Dutas, just like any other medicine, should be kept in cool and dry places, away from the reach of children or animals. It’s active ingredients are highly sensitive to direct sun light, moisture or extreme heat. Keep Dutas in its original box and always check for the expiry date before using. Disposal of Dutas should not be made in the toilet