The conversion of the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body can be prevented with Finast.






General info regarding the product
Finast is a medical inhibitor based on Finasteride, the main compound in the products which helps patients, mainly males, to treat their BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and also help reduce their hair loss which is due the the Androgenetic Alopecia or the pattern hair loss. More than 30% of all males living on this planet are having problems with their prostate, most of them are men passed 45 years old. Due to the high risk of surgical intervention when prostate problems start to interfere in the normal life style, many patient rely on Finast to reduce these risks and keep the BPH under control. Finast acts as an inhibitor which stops the testosteron to change in the DHT hormone which is responsible for the BPH.
Men using Finast for hair loss problems are experiencing a highly reliable treatment which in less than 3 months can provide the desires effect. The scalp hair will stop falling and new hairs will grow. While the scalp hair will continue to grow at normal rates for as long as the treatment is being used, the body hair will now encounter any change.

Dosage and recommendations
Finast is a medical product which doesn’t require a prescription but although Finast is a behind the counter product, it’s is wise that you should check with your doctor ahead of using this medicine. Either you need a treatment for BPH or for hair loss, a doctor’s opinion on whether you should take or your should not take Finast, is always recommended.
The normal dosage for an adult person is on tablet per day but in some cases, depending on the severity of the condition, your doctor might prescribe a bigger dose which sometimes it can reach 3 tablets a day.
Always read the instructions carefully and follow them as mentioned in advance to using Finast. It is known to have some forms of minor to medium side effects but only if used improperly or in combination with other similar drugs or alcohol.
Apart the side effects, which can be minor or medium, Finast can also cause allergies is used by persons exposed to such risks or when used in combination with other potential allergenic drugs.
Pregnant women should never use Finast under no circumstance. Persons younger than the legal age should restrain from using such medication.
If any side effect occurs, and that might be, light head aches, nausea, sleeping problems, lack of sexual appetite, light vomiting or chest pain, pleases seek medical attention as soon as possible and stop the treatment with Finast until further notice.
According to the uses interaction with Finast, the positive results are much bigger than the negative ones that’s why we can easily call Finast a highly reliable drug for treating and keeping under control the BPH and the hair loss pattern. It is recommended that you use this drug only if needs and after a proper examination from your doctor.

Storage recommendations

             Just like any other drug which comes under the form of tablets, Finast should always be kept in cool and dry places, out of the reach of the direct sun light or extreme heat or moisture, away from the children and animals and stored in it’s original pack.
Make sure you dispose Finast in secure places and not in the toilet. Finast can cause harm id administrated when expired that’s why it’s always best to check the expiry date before taking Finast as a treatment.