Finpecia (Finasteride) is optimal for treating the male pattern hair loss.

General description of the product
Finpecia is a Finasteride based product which comes under the form of small tablets, recommended only for male patients in treating and keeping under control the BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and the Androgenetic Alpecia (men pattern hair loss).
A highly recommended product throughout the world which is known to provide positive results with minor side effects.
This medical inhibitor treats patients with BPH and helps them to live a normal life by reducing the size of the prostate, allowing patients with urinate normally and to eliminate the optimal amount of urine. This product also decreases the chances of a patient with BPH to pass surgery in order to cure himself from BPH. Although Finpecia is not a cure but amn active treatment which takes effect only when used, it still remains the fastest and most reliable remedy to such problems.
For patients with hair loss pattern problems (Androgenetic Alopecia), Finpecia will take effect in less than 3 months and the results will be obvious. Hairs on the scalp will begin to grow while the number of them will increase due to the limited to almost inexistent hair loss.

Information regarding the treatment
Before taking Finpecia always consult tour physician in order to better understand both the advantages and the negative parts of the whole treatment. Although Finpecia is known to have minor to low medium side effects, it’s best to know them all before taking the first tablet.
Finpecia is a highly effective medicine which comes in the forms of tablets. Therefore, it’s always best to know that you can administrate them only with water and before eating. Never mix Finpecia with alcohol because there is a high risk for the effect to stop taking place.
In case of any allergy or side effect, see your doctor immediately and ask him for a proper cure. Such cure can consists in changing the treatment plan, changing the diet or in some cases, ending the treatment.

Dosage and side effects
The normal dose for an adult person is one table per day but in some cases, the doctor may recommend another dosage. Keep in mind that Finpecia is a drug that doesn’t need a prescription that’s why it is recommended that you should always administrate the treatment only according to your doctor’s instructions and not by yourself.
Among the possible side effects, the most common ones, in less than 1 person in a 1000, are:
– decreased sexual desire
– head aches
– light nausea
Other side effects, which are very rare, may be: testicular pain, depression, pain, allergic reactions, etc.
The interaction with other drugs is limited but in some cases, you might be required to stop using some types of medicine in order for the Finpecia to take effect. In order to know better which drugs are safe to use in combination with Finpecia, always see the instructions inside the box and talk to your doctor.

Storage recommendations
It’s best to always keep Finpecia out of the direct sun light and moisture, away from extreme heat sources and away from the reach of kids and animals. A cool and dry place is the best storage for such medication. Never use Finpecia if it is passed the expiration date marked on the box. Taking expired pills of Finpecia can cause severe side effects and stomach problems.