Baldness in men and women image

Baldness in men and women image

Baldness is an extreme situation of hair thinning or hair loss generally on human male or female scalp rather than face and body. The degree of hair loss as well as pattern of the baldness might be different in both sexes; however androgenic alopecia/alopecia androgenetica causes it worldwide. Baldness is quite different from alopecia areata which generally shows patchy hair loss. Alopecia totalis, more extreme form of alopecia areata, shows all hair loss on head while alopecia universalis represents all hair loss on head as well as body too. Over 95% of males worldwide face male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness commonly starts with receding front hair line with/or a thinning crown (vertex). Receding hair line and thinning of hairs on vertex further join together to form a horse shoe shaped hairs around male head or scalp.

Baldness causes
It is generally experienced that genetics plays a major role behind baldness along with age rather than other baldness causes. Environmental factors however do not seem to impact upon the baldness. Baldness causing gene is transmitted from both maternal and paternal grandfathers as per modern studies. It is also observed that baldness is triggered by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) a hormone responsible for body hair growth. The studies regarding role of DHT had not confirmed yet, however it is believed that DHT causes follicular miniaturization, a process in which hair follicles deterioration is started through minimizing the size of hair follicles. The growing phase (Anagen phase) of hair follicles is decrease due to DHT and hair follicles stop producing and maturing hairs in their deep roots which causes reduction in front hairline, thinning of hairs and ultimately baldness. Other causes of baldness include:

Traction alopecia which affects women and men generally Sikhs who wear chignon or Juda due to pull on scalp hairs
Radiation to scalp or head, due to radiotherapy treatment, for certain cancers
Certain medication against blood pressure, diabetes, heart disorder and cholesterol
Change in hormone may cause baldness
Intake of diet high in Vitamin A also plays a role to cause baldness
Nutrition and diet which is low in proteins may be a cause behind baldness
Any infection to scalp skin may cause baldness both in men and women
Anemia may cause baldness in males and females
Baldness treatment for men and women
FUE technology at our Walia Hair Transplant Center, famous for baldness treatment in Ludhiana and India. Baldness treatment for men usually takes one or two sittings for its painless surgery and each surgery takes five to six hours to complete. Male baldness is also referred as Male pattern baldness showing male hair loss on scalp. During one sitting around 3000 hair grafts are transplanted successfully, however baldness treatment for women takes one sitting if hair loss is not severe on their head. Women baldness usually seen as thinning of hairs on their head and it is also known as female pattern baldness or female hair loss on scalp. Baldness usually cured by extracting healthy hair grafts from hair graft donor parts which may present on posterior scalp or beard and other body parts including chest. Hair transplantation is a permanent and economic baldness solution for men’s baldness and it is world widely applicable nowadays. Baldness treatment cost is calculated on behalf of cost of one hair graft multiplied with number of hair grafts transplanted at that time including others surgical and medicinal charges. Back to Hair loss, Back to Home, Add URL / Submit URL

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