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Beard hair transplant

Beard Hair Transplant at Walia Hospital
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is also proved useful to treat beard hair loss in men. Beard transplantation or beard reconstruction at Walia Hospital is performed by Dr D.S. Walia & surgeons’ team. There are no any consultation charges for first time discussion about beard hair transplantation with Dr. D. S. Walia. Noticeable and significant hair loss on beard is treated during a single sitting at the hospital. Beard hairs are thicker than those on scalp as they usually grow single from a hair follicle while in case of scalp hairs, 2 to 3 hairs grow from a single hair follicle. Beard hair transplantation is a very delicate surgery in which hairs are extracted from donor parts and then transplanted where there are thin hairs or no any hair present.

During first consultation, Dr. D.S. Walia analyzes the beard minutely and then suggests how much grafts are required to accomplish a successful beard hair transplant procedure. Generally a beard hair transplant procedure takes one to three hours. Dr D.S. Walia and his surgeons’ team are well qualified to perform beard hair transplant procedure at Walia Hair Transplant Center Ludhiana India.

Beard hair restoration usually takes four to eight weeks and transplant hairs grow in a natural way. Beard hair transplant is useful for men and boys who are facing cuts, burns, wounds, injuries, wound-scars or other beard hair loss problems. During beard hair transplant surgery it is always kept in mind to give a natural and beautiful style so that beard hair grow in a right direction to give reconstructed beard a pleasant look. Beard reconstruction procedure is a painless procedure during which a beard hair transplant patient experiences no any bleeding and scars too.

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