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Benefits of hair transplants

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a modern Hair Transplant technique implemented by most of surgeon worldwide to restore natural growing hairs on Hair Loss showing parts. Hair loss is caused by various reasons like imbalance of hormones, diet, vitamins, age, genetics, burns, scars, skin injuries, surgeries, medications, anemia, trauma, stress, child birth, typhoid, chemotherapy for cancers, alopecia etc. The loss due to age, genetics, stress, alopecia etc is termed as a permanent cause. Temporary HL is often treated when a patient’s health starts recovering from a disorder or by good diet.
FUE technique is quite beneficial for transplantation of hair as it is a painless technique and operated at local anesthesia. No pain is experienced by a patient during its procedure. Harvesting of Hair Grafts is carried out without bleeding with the help of precious micro punches. The punches do not go deep into the skin. These are used to extract grafts one by one from donor parts. Minute incisions are made to transplant the grafts at recipient zones subsequently. It also leaves no any scar on donor parts as minute punches are used. No any surgical stitches are required to treat the skin at graft donor parts like in the case of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Moreover the technique is very much popular among surgeons and patient too. It has treated several people for various types of hair losses. The technique has enough potential to make somebody look younger and full of confidence. Several people living in India and foreign countries generally undergo the treatment to get beautiful and handsome appearance nowadays. It really makes people looking younger and attractive too without any side effects.
In the field of beauty, the technique is proved a boon to restore naturally growing hairs on several cuts, wounds, and scars along with the disorder on scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. Useful natural hairs for beauty of women and man’s gorgeous look are restored by the technique very successfully. There are no side-effects of the procedures provided guidelines before and after the procedure, are considered by the patients. Recovery time is much faster in this technique. It is a faster procedure for hair transplant and up to 4500 grafts could be transplanted during a sitting of 4 to 5 hours by an experienced surgeon. It is also suitable for work at very delicate body like parts eyelashes, eyebrows and mustaches to restore hairs there. It is quite beneficial to maintain hairlines. There is no requirement of wearing caps, hats, tattoos and wigs when hairs are restored a few days after the procedure.
Walia Hospital at Ludhiana Punjab India are providing several FUE hair transplants for baldness, front hairlines, hair thinning and hair losses on eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. In conclusion, FUE is really a very safe technology for natural hair restoration. No doubt, it is providing much relief from hair loss. It is also applied in beauty enhancement treatments through reconstruction of eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. It is intensely applied for baldness and other hair loss treatments worldwide nowadays. Several people living in India and abroad are still undergoing the procedure for their natural hair restoration, as the technique has several benefits over other similar techniques like FUT. At last I would like to say that people experiencing hair loss must avail the benefits of the technique for their natural hair restoration positively.



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