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Best FUE hair transplant in India

FUE Hair transplant image
FUE Hair transplant image

Best FUE hair transplant in India is also being provided at Walia Hospital Ludhiana India since last ten years. The best part of our FUE hair transplant minor surgeries is that it is given through local anesthesia and hair transplant patient does not experience any pain during our Follicular Unit Extraction treatment. Our hair transplant patients also do not experience any type of bleeding during our FUE procedure; however some blood in minute granular form around each transplanted hair follicle is seen right after the surgery and it remains for a few days as hair grows out and it turns into a scab which later washed off with shampoo. Moreover, no scars are left at recipient parts of extracted hair follicles. Our FUE hair transplant team is also one of the best FUE hair transplant teams in the world, India and Ludhiana. They have quite potential to deal with any FUE hair transplant procedure whether it is for head hair transplant for 2000 to 8000 hair follicles or eyebrows hair transplant, eyelashes hair transplant, beard hair transplant & mustache hair transplant for several hundred hair follicles.
Our FUE hair transplant team headed by Dr. D.S. Walia is also very expert in providing beauty or maintaining beauty on a face for men women, boys and girls who face hair loss problems. Hair loss problems on head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and moustaches are treated through hair line reconstruction, eyebrows reconstruction, beard reconstruction and mustaches reconstruction. To maintain beauty or being attractive, laser hair removal procedures are also being provided to remove unwanted body hairs permanently at our Walia Hospital. Applying our best FUE hair transplants we have had treated several thousands of people belonging to foreign nations, India, Punjab and Ludhiana. Another best part of our FUE hair transplant is that we are providing heavy discount on FUE at our hospital so than people with hair loss issues with low income can be benefitted positively for their good health and beauty. Our best FUE hair transplant treatment had helped to restore natural growing hairs as well beauty of several thousands of people living worldwide who have had restored their natural growing hairs on their head and face.

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