Best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana

Walia Hair Transplant Center -Walia Hospital at 33- B Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana is the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana and India as well which is providing latest natural hair transplants procedures at affordable rates to people living in Ludhiana, near Ludhiana and other states of India and abroad as well since last ten years. Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia MD, owner of the hospital, is one of the very few qualified doctors as well as surgeons of FUE natural hair transplant surgery, who offers you best, reliable and economic hair transplants in this city.
Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia had his natural hair transplantation FUE and FUT training at the best hair transplant centers and under Dr. James Harris of Hair Sciences Center, Colorado, USA. Dr. D.S. Walia performs hair transplant surgeries using latest scientific computerized machines and safe gadgets for both FUE and FUT which are imported from USA. Dr. Walia takes close examination of hair loss of a patient and then suggests which natural hair transplant out of FUE and FUT could be best for him/her after discussing detailed benefits and drawbacks of both natural hair transplant technologies, however the patient has to decide which natural hair transplant technique is preferred by him/her.
The hair transplant center of Walia Hospital Ludhiana is known worldwide for its best part of giving a written guarantee for best results of hair transplant procedures to its hair loss patients which other hair transplant clinics in the city, nation or in the world rarely provide it to their hair loss patients. Walia Hospital Ludhiana provides all lodging facilities for 24 hours to hair loss patients who want to live for a few days in the hospital during their hair transplant procedure. Patients and their attendants are also cared for any disorder or physical issue to maintain their good health during their stay in the hospital.
Walia Hospital Ludhiana pays special attention for prevention of any type of infection during hair transplantation procedures suggesting pre-procedure as well as post- procedure care and through utilizing proper sterilized instruments and machines which are perfectly safe against passing any type of infection person to person. We use disposables to prevent infection and transfer of communicable or non communicable diseases through blood, bacteria, fungi, viruses or personal contacts. Dr. D. S. Walia with his highly qualified doctors and hair transplant surgeons team have enough potential to transplant 3000 follicular units under FUE and 4000 follicular units under FUT during one session of hair transplant procedure and this is also a maximum amount of hair transplant follicular units for a session carried out at a few best natural hair transplant centers across the world.

Walia Hair Trasnplant Center of Walia Hospital Ludhiana is hence providing its best services being a best hair transplant hospital for people living in the city, India and worldwide of hair transplants to restore their natural hairs on their head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches to gain beauty and peace of mind positively. It is also offering heavy discount packages on several hair transplant procedures to get economic or cheap hair transplant permanent treatments.

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