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Best hair transplant for people in Jalandhar

Dr. D.S. Walia and his team are providing trustworthy, rewarding, and cost effective advanced hair transplant procedures for people who belong to Jalandhar district of Indian Punjab. Walia Hospital is an easily approachable clinic to solve baldness and hair loss problems of people of the district, its cities, town, and villages. The hospital allows appointments to hair loss patients from Adampur, Alawalpur, Bhogpur, Goraya, Jalandhar , Jalandhar Cantt, Kartarpur, Lohian Khas, Malsian, Nakodar, Noormahal, Phillaur, Sansarpur, Shahkot, and Talwan cities of it. Several hair loss facing individuals who belong to different towns and villages of the district also take appointments at the clinic. The hospital is around 55 km from the city and district. People from the city visit the hospital through roads and rails. Dr Walia has had treated many people with baldness and hair loss issues who live in the district or belong to it. The people got hair transplants for their front hairlines, baldness, and hair thinning.
Jalandhar is an agricultural and industrial district of Indian Punjab. It is main producer of sugar, wheat, milk, vehicles, and footwear. Sport items such as cricket bats, footballs, and hockey are exported to various countries from the district. Hair loss and baldness are common issues of the residents of the district nowadays. Pattern baldness and Traction alopecia of these people is generally treated at the Walia Hospital.


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