Best place for hair transplantation in India

There are several hospitals, clinics, health centers, spas, hair dressing centers and beauty parlors in India who claim to provide best Hair Transplants in India. They are running their various websites and blogs over the net to provide the information to people experiencing hair loss living in India or in several foreign countries. Several people daily make different searches in search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc for getting best place for Hair Transplantation in India. There are different advertisement sites, directories, Banners, Newspapers, News-epapers, forums and blogs available on the net which also help for providing the information. It is very important to convey right information to right users on right time without any disguise so that it can be availed by them successfully. Actually users want to have instant information over the net nowadays. For this purpose we would like to tell the users that they must have clear and deep knowledge about the transplantation prior to making searches and going to get the treatments.
The term Hair transplantation is generally used by surgeons worldwide to treat different hair losses surgically. It is a vast term which is further categorized by some surgeons in two categories namely Natural Hair Transplant (NHT) and Artificial Hair Transplant (AHT). NHT means transplantation of active hair roots from donor parts to recipient parts of same individual by using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) techniques which is approved by several medical agencies including US FDA and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). The best part of NHT is that transplanted hairs on bald parts have potential to grow like natural ones as they are connected with skin by their roots. The term is also being used to misguide people for making them to buy hair-wigs, hair-extensions and hairpieces prepared from synthetic hairs or naturally grown human hairs which could not grow as these are not connected to skin. These only provide a false natural like appearance but not all benefits of naturally growing hairs. People must keep this in their mind to have clear information about NHT without any misleading, misunderstanding or disguising information. The term AHT is also being used by some surgeons to transplant artificial fibers of nylon or other materials on human skin. Hair loss experiencing people must know the fact that this is not possible now as it was banned by US FDA during 1983 for its non-biocompatibility to human skin. People here beware of this fact worldwide before going to get an artificial procedure. AHT must only be used to provide hair-pieces, hair-extensions and wigs of artificial fibers or natural-hairs. It should not be used to misguide patients or people experiencing hair-losses to transplant artificial-hairs on their skin. Moreover, they can be attached to skin but not transplanted in the skin.
In the conclusion I would like to suggest Walia Hospital Ludhiana India for getting Hair transplants in India. They are providing clear information about several NHTs to the people living anywhere in the world. They do not provide any AHT procedure. They have been providing FUE procedures since last ten years for natural-hair restoration. Their transplanted-hairs have enough potential to grow. They are not providing any information which can disguise people experiencing hair losses. They have ten years experience of providing several procedures for beard, mustaches, eyebrows, eyelashes, scars, cuts, injuries, hairlines, hair thinning, bald spots, scalp, body hair etc. Their leading surgeon, Dr. D. S. Walia is USA qualified for the FUE surgery and potentially providing world standard procedures against hair-losses. He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) as well as Indian Medical Association (IMA). He is Formerly Registrar, Dept. of Internal Medicine and House Physician, Dept. of Dermatology at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMC&H), a world famous Hospital as well as Medical College in Ludhiana India. Moreover, the best part of it is that they are offering heavy discount to treat baldness and set hairlines on head so that more patients living in India and foreign nations could be benefitted and live happily enjoying their improved natural hair styles with growing hairs. There is no doubt they are making people looking so beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, confident and younger each day. They believe that good health of people could also be achieved if they continuously provide their best and economic services of NHT to them without any discrimination but open heartily. All their hair transplant procedures are painless, bloodless, stitch-lesss and scar-less. It is really the best hospital for hair transplantation in India.

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