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Best place to go for hair transplantation in India

There are several hair transplant centers in India and people generally do not know which center is best to go for their hair transplantation in India. We would like to say that people who want to have hair transplants must know about hair transplantation in detail. They might be cheated on hair transplantation as several hair care centers, hair-stalls, hair dressing centers, boutiques, hair spas in India are also claiming to provide hair transplants which are artificial and may be in the forms of dead hair extensions, hair wigs or keratin hair treatments.
Actually human hair transplantation is a surgical process in which live, natural and active hair roots of an individual are extracted out from donor parts and then transplanted to other recipient parts on his/her body including head or face.
It is advised here that people must verify the centers, clinics, hospitals where hair transplantation is being performed before having their hair transplantation for their head, face and any hair loss. They must always keep in mind that:

Are the hair transplant surgeons at a hair transplant center they decided to go in India, of International standard i.e. approved by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) founded in 1993, a non-profit medical association of more than 800 hair- transplant doctors and surgeons. ISHRS is providing continuous medical education to licensed physicians who are specialized in hair transplantation worldwide, which is necessary to update the knowledge of hair transplantation in India.
Is the hair transplant center in India occupies the quality management system? The organization providing hair transplant must have ISO certification which ensures A-Meeting customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements B-Aims to enhance customer satisfaction via regular improvement of the system.
If the hair transplant surgeons at the hair transplant center in India well experienced or not.
They are providing discounts or not.
They are reliable or not.
They have good reputation or not.
They are having trained staff and 24 hours health caring services or not.
Walia hair transplant center at Walia Hospital Ludhiana meets all these requirements positively and we can say it is the best hair transplant center in India which is providing best quality all human natural hair transplants to people worldwide since last several years.


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