Causes of baldness in men

Males whether they are residing in India or foreign countries worldwide used to get decline in their front hairlines during their thirties. This decline is caused by hair fall in front parts of the scalp. The decline continuously grows and covers temporal parts for the scalp leaving a V shape hair style there. Some men also get hair loss at their central parts of head. They appear older than their actual age due to the loss. It also causes lack of confidence in them. There are various causes of the loss like genealogy, aging, hormones, vitamins, stress, trauma, medications, lifestyle, diet, mineral deficiencies etc. We would like to describe here some main causes of the loss in them. The main cause of hair loss is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) formation which leads to create male pattern baldness in males. This causes shrinkage of active hair follicles and this process is termed as follicular miniaturization. The follicles stop growing hairs where and develop bald parts on the scalp. DHT is formed from derivation of a male hormone known as testosterone after reaction for an enzyme, 5 alpha reductase. Our genetics also plays a role causing loss to our hairs through our genes. Genes carry baldness characteristics from our previous generations of maternal and paternal sides to next ones. Most of males are victims of their genes. Serious stress against future major surgery of heart and other disorder or psychological stress due to sudden death of a family member become cause after sudden hair fall. This is termed as ‘Telogen effluvium’, where follicles enter into their resting phase leaving their growing stage.

Mineral deficiencies like iron deficiency and zinc deficiency also create hair loss. Iron is necessary for fixation of fresh oxygen in blood cells. Lack of iron in blood cell during anemia could not flow oxygen to the follicles and they stop growing hairs. Zinc is also useful for metabolic activities of the follicles and skin tissues. Lack of Vitamin B12 and proteins also contribute the loss in men. Certain medications against some disorders like chemotherapy for cancer, anti thyroid medicines, anticonvulsants for epilepsy and anti-coagulants become a cause of sudden hair fall in men. This is due to adoption of telogen, a resting phase from anagen, a growing phase of follicles. Chemotherapy stops faster growing cells of cancer and this also affects the growth of follicles. There are several myths about the loss due to cancer but thankfully follicles start growing hairs within some days.

Some skin infections also create the loss due to lack of proper hygiene. Ringworm, a fungus not an animalcule, that affects the hair zones whether they are present on scalp or face including eyebrows, beard and mustaches. A mod like fungi called dermatophytes that thrive in moist and warm environment produces the ringworm termed as Tinea captis. This mostly affects children but also seen caught by adults of any age. Auto immune system of males during certain disorders like arthritis and diabetes also mistakenly attacks and destroys hair growing cells and tissues. This may cause permanent hair loss called Cictricial alopecia’ and ‘Telogen effluvium’ where growth cycle of follicles is interrupted. Hypothyroidism or underproduction of thyroid in thyroid gland of man also a cause behind the loss and it creates ‘Alopecia areata’ that may affect the whole scalp and body too. Hypothyroidism is caused through birth abnormalities, surgeries to the gland and autoimmune disorders.

Many men also have a habit to regular plucking or pulling of hairs from some parts on their scalp and other body parts. This disorder is termed are Trichotillomania. This disorder is still not classified under the category of habit or an obsessive compulsive disease; however the result is similar to the loss. Over time, a bald spot is developed there. To grow hair it is necessary to stop the habit otherwise it may become a serious issue of the loss.

Moreover continuous pull on natural hairs during tight braids and pony tails hair styles in some males also become a cause of the loss. It is medically termed as Traction alopecia. Regular use of hair pieces, hair extensions, wigs and caps also cause the loss on head. There are several possibilities of hair loss in men and they should try to prevent them in their initial stages before turning to be a big problem. To deal with baldness hair transplantation is the best way to go as it provides reliable hair restoration of natural hairs.

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