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Causes of hair loss

What is hair loss/Introduction to hair loss/ Hair loss overview:-

The normal human hair on head grows around one centimeter a month for about two to six years. About 90% of hairs on our scalp remain active and grow while remaining 10% go into a resting stage and stop growing. The hairs in resting stage used to fall out each day and new hairs start growing at their place. It is a normal stage to shed some hairs daily; however some people may encounter excessive hair loss which turned into noticeable hair loss, thinning of hair or baldness. Hair loss brings stress, anxiety and unrest and affects physical and mental health of individuals.

There are several causes of hair loss including:

Genetics: Androgenic alopecia/male pattern baldness: It a very common type of human hair loss which affects around 70% males and 40% females worldwide in which hair follicles became inactive and stop growing hairs. Receding hair line, hair loss on temples of scalp, crown, central and posterior head and all over thinning of hair or total hair loss on head takes place. Women usually face thinning of hair or total hair loss at their top of head and this is known as female pattern baldness. Genetics and environmental factors are responsible for this type of hair loss. People who have had baldness among their previous generations may inherit the disorder and it goes into next generations through genes.

Stress and Traumas: Stress and Traumas are well known reasons behind excessive hair loss. If an individual goes into a surgical operation, organ transplant, heart attack, heart surgery, pregnancy surgery, he or she will experience excessive hair loss after 3 to 4 months of illness, surgery and childbirth. This type of hair loss is however temporary as it is caused due to stress raised by illness, disorder or surgery.

Age: Individuals over 35 years usually face hair loss mostly on their head as their active hair follicles turned into inactive follicles which is also known as their conversion from Anagen phase (growing phase) to Telogen phase (resting phase).

Hormones: Over activeness or under activeness of thyroid gland which produces thyroid hormones may cause hair loss. Androgens and Estrogens also known as male and female hormones respectively may cause hair fall and their balance in human body is necessary for normal hair growth. Imbalance of these hormones in a human body might be treated to treat hair loss problems. During pregnancy high levels of estrogens help to prevent hair loss while after pregnancy their secretion level is decreased which becomes a cause of excessive hair fall.

Nutrition: Lack of proper nutrition and excessive intake of animal fats and Vitamin A may cause hair loss

Diet: Lack of good balanced diet is also a reason behind hair loss, diet must include balanced proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and light fats. Intake of organically grown fresh fruits, vegetables, fats, pulses, condiments, salads, beans, herbs are useful for healthy hairs.

Minerals deficiencies: Iron and zinc deficiencies bring hair loss as these elements are necessary for hemoglobin and other metabolic activities of cells and tissues.

Child birth: During pregnancy the level of estrogens goes up but after child birth it is decreases and this hormonal imbalance ultimately brings noticeable hair loss.

Pollution: Chemicals added in daily use water e.g. Chlorine, Bleaching powder, Hydrogen peroxide etc cause hair fall when used to wash hairs especially hair on head. Air pollution also creates hair loss nowadays which brings harmful effect on our healthy hairs.

Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy given to treat several diseases like cancer also causes excessive hair loss.

Medications; Several medications against diseases or disorders including, Cardio vascular disorders, blood pressure, diabetes, contraceptive pills, hormonal replacement therapies, heart attack, cancer and typhoid.

Lifestyle: Comfortable life style which avoid physical work, exercises, massage on head to make hair follicles active also cause hair loss.

Hair care procedures: Excessive use of hair care products to perform various hair procedures like straightening of hairs, curling of hairs, dyeing of hairs, bleaching of hairs which contain harmful chemicals, oils and minerals for hairs

Infection: Fungal infection on head may cause hair loss in children and adults

Oily skin of head: Excessive oily skin on head also brings hair loss due to Demodex folliculorum, a microscopic mite which feed on the sebum secreted by sebaceous glands and causes thinning or hairs.

Sunlight: Ultraviolet rays from sun may cause hair loss as these are harmful to head or scalp skin. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate car window glasses and house window glasses as well.

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