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Cost of FUE hair transplants in India

Hair Transplant is a surgical treatment against significant hair loss which deals in shifting of active hair grafts from one place to another on same individual. The roots of modern day transplantation were indeed cultivated in Japan during late 1930s. Dr. Okuda, Japanese dermatologist, in 1939 described in detail his revolutionary work in surgical hair restoration for treating his burn patients. He mentioned using a punch technique to extract round section of skin with hairs and implantation of it into slightly smaller round holes on burned skin of the patients. He was greatly surprised when he examined transplanted hairs were showing growth there after healing of the grafts. Dr. Tamura, another Japanese surgeon, refined this technique further using an elliptical incision to extract the donor tissue. He dissected each graft from it. The groundbreaking work of both these Japanese surgeons was remained unknown to western world of medicine due to World War II. Dr. Norman Orentreich, New York Dermatologist, in 1952 carried out first hair transplant in America on a man to treat male pattern baldness. Moreover, it was that historical day when he reinvented the modern day hair transplantation.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a modern and advanced technology applied worldwide nowadays to transfer roots of naturally growing hairs from donor parts to recipient parts. The first step to perform the minor surgery is to decide the donor parts for grafts donation on a patient by an expert in the surgery. These parts are generally decided by him/her for the surgery. These are generally decided on back of scalp of the same patient. If a patient has lack of hairs on his back of scalp to donate grafts then lower parts on his beard may be considered for solving the purpose. Body hairs like hairs present on chest, back or other parts may also be considered as donor parts by the surgeon. Recipient parts are generally those bald parts or declining hairlines on the scalp which are to be treated. FUE is also used to transplant hairs on other parts of face like eyelashes, eyebrows, beard and mustaches. This is also implemented to grow natural hairs on scars, cuts, burns, surgical stitches and accidental injuries present on these parts. A graft is a group of donated hair follicles with some surrounding tissue and skin. Each graft may contain a single hair follicle or a group of 2 to 6 hair follicles. Hair graft is a unit of hair transplantation. A hair follicle always produces one hair only. FUE hair transplants are only given for natural growing hair restoration.

The cost of FUE hair transplant for baldness and maintaining hairlines on head in India is running for per hair graft between INR 60 to INR 120 means around USD 1 to USD 2. It is not fixed but negotiable. It may further be decreased by running discount packages. Some hospitals in India are also providing discount on baldness treatments. Walia Hospital Ludhiana India is one of such hospitals in India which are providing discount packages to people experiencing noticeable baldness and declining hairlines living in the nation or in different foreign countries. The cost of FUE hair transplant for baldness at the Walia Hospital is currently running around 50 INR per graft which is quite lowest than other hospital in India. Several Indians and international patients are availing the discount package to treat their baldness problems permanently. No doubt, the FUE cost is very low in India as compare to Western and European countries. Cost of other transplants for men and women in India including Eyebrows HT, Eyelashes HT, Mustaches HT and beard HT is however not charged on per graft basis but charged as an individual case or procedure of the surgery. Cost of these transplants is also lower at the Walia Hospital with excellent quality. The Walia Hospital is famous for its unique 3D hair transplants which are providing world standard level FUE HT by Dr D. S. Walia MD, a USA trained FUE specialist. The Walia Hospital belongs to him that is famous for excellent FUE procedures in India and worldwide. Moreover the cost of FUE hair transplant in India is nothing against looking younger and beautiful.


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