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Cost of hair transplant in India

Cost of natural hair transplant generally for scalp hair transplant is determined using two methods in India

Calculating hair grafts to be transplanted and multiplying its number with current rate of each hair graft or
Calculating hair follicles to be transplanted and multiplying its number with current rate of each hair follicle
It is generally observed that people often get confusion over cost of hair graft and hair follicle as they do not know the exact difference between a hair graft and a hair follicle. A hair graft may contain 1, 2 or 3 hair follicles or hairs; hence a single hair graft plantation on an average gives rise to 2.5 hairs. The cost of per hair graft will definitely be 2.5 times more than that of a single hair follicle or hair price. The cost of single hair graft (1-3 hairs) or a hair follicle (single hair) is more for FUE hair transplant procedure than FUT hair transplant procedure. On an average single hair follicle (one hair) costs around one USD to two USD for FUE and 0.5 USD to one USD for FUT method in India nowadays. In Indian currency on an average one medium scalp hair transplant (around 1000 to 2000 hair follicles) generally costs INR 50,000 to INR 100000. This cost of hair transplant in India is not fixed, however it usually varies due to change in the exchange rates of US dollar time to time.
Cost of hair transplant for scalp in several cities of India is quite lower than those of several hair transplant centers in the world. Overseas natural hair transplant centers charge USD 3 to 10 per follicular unit under FUT and USD 5 to 20 for FUE hair transplant.

How we count hair grafts or hair follicles to estimate hair transplant cost in India:
During hair transplant surgery we used to make small trays of hair follicles/hair grafts and each packet of hair follicles/hair grafts may contain in multiples of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 hair follicles/hair grafts. Anyone can count how many hair follicles/hair grafts were there to transplant during an undergoing hair transplant procedure through being present in our Operation Theatre wearing our OT dress and simply multiplying the number of hair follicles/hair grafts with number of trays. For counting hair follicles/hair grafts we remain very honest with our clients and hence our hair transplant center is very much trusted for providing reliable, fast and honest services of natural hair transplantation to all races of people living in India or in foreign nations with hospitality. Heavy discount packages are also offered to people experiencing serious hair loss on their scalp.
Costs of other natural hair transplants including eyebrows hair transplant, eyelashes hair transplant, mustaches hair transplant and beard hair transplant are charged depending on the separate case. However prices for eyebrows reconstruction, eyelashes reconstruction, mustache reconstruction and beard reconstruction are also specific for individual case where FUE procedures for beauty hairs and Laser hair removal procedures for unwanted hairs are performed at our Walia Hospital to look attractive and beautiful or to maintain personal beauty and hair as well.


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