Cost of hair transplant in Ludhiana

A Hair Transplant (HT) procedure is generally performed for restoration natural hairs against noticeable hair losses on scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. This is a unique way to transfer natural hair roots from one part to another of the body through minor modern medical surgeries. These surgeries are of two types namely Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT is also known as Strip Harvesting technique. Both these techniques are widely used to harvest and transplant Hair Grafts since last several years. The two techniques differ from each other in the different type of methods for HGs harvesting. HGs harvesting in FUT is performed through taking a strip of skin with hair follicles (HFs) from donor parts which is generally situated at the posterior part of the scalp. HGs are dissected from this strip with the help of microscopic view. Some bleeding takes place during this technique and a permanent scar at the donor part is also formed when skin is stitched there. This linear scar becomes invisible when hairs grow around it. It technique is more invasive than FUE and generally avoided for almost all types of HTs including scalp HT, eyebrows HT, eyelashes HT, beard HT and mustache HT, male HT, female HT etc.

The FUE technique is considered better for all the surgeries. It is a bit costly than FUT but liked by patients and surgeons. FUE involves harvesting of HGs with costly punches. The micro punches have very little diameters to extract grafts. A follicle only contains one hair root while a HG may contain 1 to 5 HFs. A surgeon extracts out HGs individually one by one and places them in a standard chemical solution. These grafts are then kept in small groups of 10, 20 or 5o to count easily as cost for the procedure is calculated on their number. The transplantation of HGs on bald parts is however similar in both the technologies. The extracted grafts are transplanted manually one by one at the recipient parts making small incisions in suitable directions. To give right direction to a transplanted graft is really very difficult job for a HT specialist as hair permanently grows in the direction which is set by the doctor during the surgery. It cannot be changed later without doing further surgery. The whole process from harvesting of grafts to their transplantation is carried out under Local anaesthesia so that a patient undergoing the procedure could not feel pain.
As we are providing several HT services at our Walia Hospital in Ludhiana to people from India and foreign nations, regularly since from last ten years, the current cost of FUE to treat baldness is around 50 INR per graft at our hospital. The surgery is performed by Dr DS Walia MD HT trained from USA. It is further relieved to some extent by our running discount packages for baldness. The cost for the procedure may vary in other clinics present in the city. We do however not aware of the cost charged by them. These rates have variations depending upon services of different surgeons, their training qualities, experience plus infrastructure. We can transplant 3500 grafts to 4500 grafts during a single sitting at our hospital.

At last, I would like to say that the cost of HT is negligible for beauty enhancement and looking younger through different hair surgeries. We have had treated several people for baldness and they are now they are happy with their restored natural hairs. I am confident to say that FUE technique is proved to be the best technique at our hospital to restore natural hair permanently. Moreover, there is no doubt the technique is really health improving and being popular which eliminates stress of mind. If you have good beauty hairs your health would ultimately be good.

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