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Cost of hair transplant

It is obvious by research that cost of hair transplant is more in Western nations and European countries including USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, Mexico, Argentina, Denmark, Venezuela, Netherlands, France, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Nigeria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Libya, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Bahrain etc which ranges from USD 10,000 to 25,000.

The downswing and recession in world economy brings more difficulties for an average international patient to afford such high costs for hair transplants including head hair loss, beard hair loss, mustache hair loss, eyebrows hair loss and eyelashes hair loss in these countries.

Indian hair transplant is becoming most popular among Western and Eastern nations as it is more economic for them and they can afford hair transplant cost easily in India due to their higher currency exchange rates and they also get international standard of HT treatment like available in their own countries. Walia Hair transplant services being provided to international patients at Walia Hospital Ludhiana India are being given at top international level bu highly qualified surgeons, nurses and technical staff with latest technical machines, computers, laptops, cell phones, surgical instruments, sterilizing equipment. The Operation Theater at Walia Hospital is always remains updated with all modern and latest scientific and medical facilities for best hair transplant surgeries like in Western nations and European countries. To know cost of hair transplant is necessary for people when they want to reatore their hairs in short period of time.

The cost for hair transplant is specific to center to center and area of baldness too which depends on how much facilities and precious instruments and talented staff they use to make available to perform hair transplant surgery in India. International patients can call directly to Dr Walia to know the cost of hair transplant against their noticeable hair fall. International patients have to email their hair loss photographs and images to so that Dr Walia can judge how much hair grafts are required to transplant on balding parts on front hair line, crown, head, posterior head, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes where their hair loss, hair fall, thinning of hairs and baldness occurred. Dr Walia will suggest internal patients an estimated cost of hair transplant for their suggested hair transplant procedures.


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