Cost of hair transplants in India

A Hair Transplant (HT) procedure is a very delicate and time consuming surgery which is performed under local anaesthesia by an experienced specialist. Hair Grafts (HGs) are harvested from donor parts and then transplanted on recipient parts distributing equally without leaving any spot. A HT procedure is generally carried out through two HT techniques including Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT is also termed as Strip Harvesting. Prior to performing FUT or FUE, hairs are trimmed in such a way that their length remains around 3 mm so that their HGs can easily be extracted out and separated. These HGs after harvesting are kept in a special chemical solution. FUT involves separation of a strip of skin from donor parts which is generally situated on posterior parts of scalp and on chest, abdomen, beard etc in rare cases where donor parts are absent on the scalp. Some bleeding takes place during the separation of a skin layer around 10 to 15 cm long and 1 to 1.5 cm wide. The skin is stitched medically and this leaves a linear scar on the donor part. This is however no longer visible when it is covered by surrounding hairs after their hair growth more than 1 cm.
The cost for FUT procedure is less than FUT as time for HGs harvesting is less consumed. For a FUE procedure more time is required for harvesting of hair grafts because HGs are extracted out individually one by one from donor parts directly with help of special and costly hair punches with minute diameter openings. This is very delicate surgery and the strip is cut in such a careful way that their HGs would not be damaged. The HGs on the strip are then separated under suitable microscope. The HT process of HGs on recipient parts is similar in both the techniques. Very small incisions are made on recipient skin in directions like natural hairs. HGs are then transplanted in these incisions one by one. Hence we have seen why FUE is a costly process but it is quite less invasive too. No pain, scars on donor parts and bleeding are experienced by the patient undergoing the procedure. It is most suitable for both surgeons and patients and so it is being most popular day by day.

Now comes the very important part of the HT surgery generally for scalp which is related to count the HGs to calculate the actual cost of the procedure. Generally a rough estimate is quoted to patients describing per HG cost during their first appointment with surgeon. The HGs are kept in groups of multiples of 10, 20 or 50 so that they could easily be counted. Several HT clinics in India determine the cost of HT through number of transplanted Hair Follicles (HFs) or HGs. So, it is most important here to mention the difference between a HF and a HG. Single HF always gives rise to single hair only. One HG may contain two to five HFs. If a center determines the cost of HT through number of transplanted HFs then they multiply the number of it with running cost of per HF. On the other hand if the clinic determines the cost with transplanted HGs then they multiply the number of HGs with their quoted per HG rate.

The cost of HT in India is very less as compare to Western, European, Arabian, Australian, and African countries. There are small variations in its price as it is not fixed and depends mostly on quality and infrastructure of the services. The cost of HT in India is negotiable and it also decreased further if HT clinics are offering some discount on it. As far as we are concerned with the HT surgeries since last eight years, the running rate of HT for FUE on scalp at our Walia Hospital is around 50 INR per HG and it is also cut further by our running HT discount offer for baldness procedures during several months. The cost of HTs for other procedures like eyebrows HT, eyelashes HT, beard HT and mustache HT is charged as per case of separate FUE surgery after determination of area for hair transplantation and required time & labor for it.

In the conclusion, we would like to say that people must take HTs for their scalp and face as it is not much costly nowadays as they used to think. Several people living in India and abroad have had their hairs restored from our Hospital and now they are happy with their hair styles with natural growing hairs. Our HT services are very economic and best quality. We always do our best to satisfy our hair loss patients whether they belong to India or foreign countries.

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