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Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant
Hair transplant to eyebrows is a micro surgical procedure designed to eyebrows hair restoration. The eyebrows that are developed scars contain complete hair missing zones due to cuts, injuries, wounds etc and overly thin can be treated successfully through hair transplant procedure. Eyebrows are very important facial hairs which add beauty to women and handsome look to men. Hair loss on eyebrows, hair thinning on eyebrows is not bearable for women and men as good hairy eyebrows give unique and beautiful looking and identity to faces of both women and men. Eyebrows hair loss is a part of women hair loss and men hair loss. There may be several causes of eyebrows hair loss including accidental injuries, burns, hormonal deficiency, age, genetics and other reasons.

To treat eyebrows hair loss both in women and men, eyebrow hair transplant treatment is given at Walia hair transplant center-Walia Hospital Ludhiana India. Dr Devinderjit S Walia and surgeons’ team watch eyebrow hair loss of a patient then suggest suitable eyebrow hair transplant procedure. There are no consultation charges to discuss eyebrow hair loss first time with Dr. D.S. Walia. Estimated cost for eyebrow hair transplant is suggested after analyzing the hair loss on an eyebrow or both eyebrows. Eyebrow hair transplant is performed during one to two hours sitting by extracting active hair grafts from donor parts and then transplanted to recipient parts on eyebrow/eyebrows. Eyebrow hair transplant is a painless micro hair transplant surgical technique. Hair restoration on eyebrows takes two to three months. The transplanted hairs on eyebrows grow naturally lifetime and help eyebrows hair restoration. Eyebrows reconstruction for women and men, boys and girls is also performed successfully by eyebrow hair transplant to give desired shape and beauty to face at Walia Hair Transplant center-Walia Hospital, Ludhiana India

The eyebrow hair transplant procedure at Walia Hospital, Ludhiana India is a very delicate and minute procedure where hair follicles are placed in micro incisions in such directions which are similar to natural hairs. The directions to transplanted hairs on eyebrows can be given only by a skilled and experienced surgeon. People around the world facing hair loss on eyebrows and want to have their eyebrows reconstruction can contact us anytime and visit us to get rid of stress due to eyebrow hair loss and to live happily with peace of mind and good health


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