Eyelashes hair transplant

Eyelash hair transplant / eyelash implants

If you have weak, short, damaged eyelashes due to hair loss issues and want thicker eye lashes then there is an eyelash hair transplant treatment available for you at Walia Hair Transplant Center Ludhiana India. Dr. Devinderjit S. Walia and surgeons’ team used to give eyelash hair transplant procedure to restore eyelash hairs and reconstruct eyelids with thicker eyelashes. During an eyelash hair transplant procedure, hair grafts are extracted through FUE hair transplant technique from donor parts usually posterior parts of head and then transplanted as eyelashes on upper and lower eyelids. Eyelashes transplant or eyelash implants is a safe procedure where hair grow naturally lifetime and add beauty to face. Regular maintenance of hair transplanted eyelids is necessary thereafter as the hair continues to grow as the same rate as on the scalp. Eyelash hair transplant treatment is a very meticulous hair transplant procedure which can be accomplished by a talented and well experienced hair transplant specialist as micro incisions and directions are to be made accurately for transplantation of hair follicles or hair grafts on eyelids.

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