Female hair loss

Female hair lossis also known as female pattern baldness. One of the most common forms of female hair loss is a condition called Telogen effluvium which involves a diffuse shedding of hairs on scalp, face and other parts of body. This is generally because of a reaction to intense stress involving hormones or as a reaction to medication.
Telogen effluvium usually causes thinning of hair density rather than bald patches. Women facing this symptom can easily be diagnosed as overanxious or neurotic, which often gets better with time. Andorgenetic alopecia is another type of hair loss in woman which affects man and woman over their age of 40 without recession of their front hairline. Researches have shown that around 13% women have some degree of Androgenetic alopecia after their menopause which turned to be more common up to 75% women over 65.Androgenetic Alopecia in women is due to action of male hormones called androgens which found in rare amount in women. Heredity plays a significant role in this disease. Women may face hair loss on their front hair line including scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Heredity: Genetics is mainly considered to be a main cause of female pattern baldness in which genes used to carry it to next generations.
Reaction of male DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone which is present in lower levels in women and even active to bring hair loss which gradually miniaturize hair follicles.
Traction alopecia occurs in braiding, cornrows, hair extensions and tight ponytails due to pull on female hair.
Radiotherapy also causes female hair loss against cancer treatment
Several medications against birth control and pregnancy.
Child birth also cause hair loss in women
Reaction of hormones to ovarian cysts, birth control pills and high androgen index
Anemia, a condition of lower number of RBCs in blood also cause hair loss.
Poor nutrition which does not contains sufficient amounts of proteins, vitamins and other elements useful for healthy hair growth.
Stress and anxiety also cause excessive hair loss in women.
Thyroid hormone also play role in women hair loss.
Age is also a crucial factor to cause hair loss in women. After 35 years age women are prone to get hair loss issues.
Excessive oily scalp provides suitable environment to Domodex folliculorium a microscopic mite which helps to cause female hair loss.
Sunlight exposure, air pollutants, water pollutants etc are other factors which cause hair loss in women.
Any skin infection may also contribute its part to cause hair loss in women.
Several disorders including typhoid and cancer also cause hair loss in women.
Several number of hair grafts are required to treat female hair loss

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