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Foods that prevent hair loss

Natural hairs are blessing of god to people. Healthy natural hairs are indicators of good health. When you feel yourself worried about hair loss, there are helpful foods that are useful to your hair loss. There are certain foods which prevent excessive hair loss and keep your scalp healthy and hopefully hairy. Eating green vegetables, salad and fruits is good for hair growth as these are generally rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. All elements required for good hair growth are generally found in green vegetables, salad and fruits; however some extra foods are also useful for enhancement of hair growth.
Protein rich foods:
Fish, egg and beans are good for proteins. As you know hairs are made of protein called Keratin and it makes sense to eat more proteins in your diet. Steaks are not good for preventing hair loss as it is a high fat diet. Take leaner proteins like fish, chicken, brewer’s yeast, low fat cheese, beans, pulses, almonds and yogurt. Soya milk and tofu are also smart to include in your diet as they are low in bad fats and quite rich in proteins.
Iron rich foods:
Raisins are rich in Iron and very useful for hair growth. Iron plays a very important role in fixing oxygen and providing it to hair follicles which grow hairs. When oxygen reaches in sufficient amount to skin tissues and hair follicles then good flow of oxygenated blood stimulates hair growth there. You may also take cherry juice which is also packed with iron. Spinach, whole grains, apple, eggs and dates are also all high in iron. Vitamin C helps body for absorption of iron, so food including lemon, strawberries, and oranges should also be listed in your grocery list.
Zinc rich foods:
Seafood is also beneficial to enhance hair growth. Many males who suffer from hair loss are found having zinc deficiencies. Zinc plays key role in several body functions like cell reproduction and hormonal balance. This affects hair growth directly. Hair follicles become weak when an individual is low on zinc. To face scarcity of zinc eat food stuffs that are rich in zinc like poultry, mussels, shrimp, red meats, oysters and nuts.
Silica rich foods:
Bean sprouts are quite useful against hair loss. These are rich in silica which you may not hear associated with diet. Silica helps body to absorb vitamins and minerals. It is also found in skin of cucumbers, potatoes, red and green pepper. More amount of silica can be taken by body when these fruits are eaten raw. Moreover potatoes are useful to replace fatty foods. If you have craving for burger and fries and your best bet is to cook the burger yourself. Dice, season and bake some potatoes with their skin. It is rich in starch and minerals. Starch is used to provide sugar after its digestion in the body. It is good for your lever also.
If you are taking a balanced diet including all these useful foods then it would be good for your health and hair. If you are healthy your hair would also be healthy. Always try to consider foods that are rich in protein, iron, silica and zinc. Avoid too much intake of carbohydrates in form of sweets, soft drinks and other sugary stuffs. Also avoid fried and fatty foods for your good health and hair growth. These are not good even for your liver and body weight.


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