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Fue hair transplant


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a latest, modern and widely applicable hair transplant technology which involves extraction of genetically alive and active hair grafts from donor parts one by one and transplantation of these hair grafts in the bald or recipient parts on scalp, beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes in same manner. This technique is performed using costly tiny punches with micro mm diameters and no scars are left behind. This FUE technique requires direct, continuous attention, expertise and commitment as we perform it at our Walia hair transplant center Ludhiana India. We transplant hairs on bald parts of patients in such angles and directions which are unique to individual’s hair style so that full growth of hairs after hair transplant procedure gives rise to the original and best hair style.

The hair grafts extraction during FUE technique is painless, bloodless as well as scar-less means no any pain; bleeding is experienced during the HT procedure. No scars are created due to minute surgeries for hair graft extraction. The donor area used to heal within few days during this FUE HT technology. The transplanted hairs grow permanently and naturally in new areas and it takes two to six months to have full growth of transplanted hairs. Around 3000 to 5000 hairs can be extracted and transplanted per day.

The patient under hair transplant treatment may watch television, news, movie, sports, write diary etc. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and light snacks facilities are given during the procedure. Local anesthesia and mild sedation is given to patient so that he/she cannot experience any pain during minute surgeries of hair transplant. There is also no fear of any nerve loss during a hair transplant procedure. Dr Walia makes tiniest incisions to extract and implant hairs during hair transplant procedure. His unique approach for hair transplant procedure of speeds up the healing process and patient can resume his/her normal daily activities next day.


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