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FUT hair transplant

What is FUT hair transplant?
Follicular Unit Transplantation is a hair transplant technique which is implemented for restoration of human hairs on head and face. In this technique a strip about twenty to twenty five cm long and one to two and half cm wide is taken from donor parts usually posterior head with natural hairs. It is further cut to tiny pieces separating several hair grafts/follicular units which are transplanted to donor parts on scalp or face. Each follicular unit generally contains one to four hairs in a group with nerves, sebaceous glands and a small muscle. FUT is also known as Strip harvest method of hair transplantation.

Why we consider FUE better than FUT at our WHTC ?
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which deals in extraction of one by one hair grafts from donor parts thought minute punches in such a manner which leaves on any odd appearance or judgment due to scars. These hair follicles are then transplanted equally distributing on recipient parts by making minute incisions in desired directions to give natural appearance. Generally one hair graft is taken out from four to five hairs on donor parts to maintain density of hairs there. FUE hair transplant surgery is now used worldwide for it has several advantages over older FUT hair transplant technique including the following:

No any bleeding takes place during FUE technique as in the case of FUT bleeding leads to some extent of blood loss of a patient undergoing hair transplantation due to strip surgery for hair grafts from donor parts generally present on his/her posterior head
FUE is a stitch-less technique while surgical stitches are required in FUT to join the skin from where a strip with hair grafts is taken surgically
FUE is a scar-less hair transplant technique as it leaves no any scar on the donor skin due to extraction of hair follicles by punches with minute diameter, while in FUT a linear scar remains for whole life on donor parts
Deep cutting hair styles can be made after FUE hair transplant as it leaves no any scar on donor parts while it is not possible in FUT as a linear scar appears on head during the styles
FUE takes less time to recover than that of taken by FUT
FUE is more popular than FUT as it gives more natural look than FUT
FUE is more meticulous and costly surgery than FUT, however it is accepted nowadays by both surgeons and patients worldwide
FUE is a modern hair transplant technique while FUE is a conventional method
FUE is quite painless than FUT
FUE also requires less post operative care than FUT

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