Gla Hair Factory from a customer’s perspective

This post assesses Gla Hair Factory products, price, customer service from the perspective of a customer, showing they are a credible supplier.

Gla Hair Factory appears as a leading hair extensions supplier in Vietnam supplying hair extensions to Europe. Today, let’s go with us to see how Gla Hair performs from a customers’ perspective.

Overview of Gla Hair

Before getting to the main part, these are some basic information about Gla Hair Factory – a hair extension factory which is taking Europe by storm for their high-quality extensions product.

The establishment of Gla Hair

Coming from an expert team in the hair field, Gla Hair understands the desire and tastes of the market to source quality hair and reputable brands.

Until now, Gla Hair has over ten years of expertise in the hair industry and has grown to become a “giant” in the market. It has a 1000m2 plant and employs 120 senior and skilled professionals, exporting more than 100 tons of hair to countries over the world.

Gla Hair’s vision and mission

Gla Hair was born with the mission of bringing premium-hair to wholesalers, hair salons around the world and especially in Europe. They have searched for partner acquisition, facility construction, and do intensive market research to gain exactly customers’ needs. 

Gla Hair Factory aims to produce high quality hair extensions

Gla Hair Factory aims to produce high quality hair extensions


In the first 10 years, Gla Hair has built a reputation when the factory receives a steady number of orders from partners from European countries with major partners including countries such as Russia, England, France, Belgium,….In the next years, Gla Hair aims to focus on maintaining product quality at competitive prices, while expanding further development in the European hair extension market so that their customers can have widely access to this Vietnamese great source hair material.

Details about the experience when buying hair from Gla Hair

Below are some factors that make the factory successfully impress customers when reaching Gla Hair to buy hair extensions. 

Gla Hair’s variety of hair extensions 

On their website of Gla Hair, they have posted about the items, which are numerous in quantity. But in reality, the choice for customers is much more than that, as they can choose any color in the hair palette, and they can also mix the hair color to match your needs. 

Other features of the hair such as: hair grade, hair quality, hair extensions type (tip in, tape in, clip in, weft hair, bulk hair, ponytail) and length (8-36 inches) can be perfectly applied to your items by Gla Hair. 

Some hair extensions item at Gla Hair

Some hair extensions item at Gla Hair

This thing is an ideal choice for especially wholesalers, as you don’t need to buy hair from many sources to have sufficient items, you can buy all items of hair extensions in just one factory, helping customers to save time, money and effort to find suitable suppliers.

Price of hair extensions at Gla Hair

The price that Gla Hair offers is competitive, moderate when comparing among Vietnamese hair suppliers and in the European hair extensions market. Just around $40/100g hair, customers can own these top-notch raw Vietnamese hair extensions.  The reason for that is because they minimize the intermediaries phase, they directly take hair source, manufacture and export to the foreign market. 

Moreover, on special occasions or with big orders, they also give a discount and help customers buy hair from the most affordable price level they can.

The hair extensions quality provided by Gla Hair is top-notch hair extensions.

Made by 100% raw Vietnamese hair, hair quality at Gla Hair ensures the silky, natural strands and durability with customers over a long time.

Moreover, their hair extensions are in good condition as Gla Hair has a team of controlling the quality during the process and after the hair is finished.

Below are some images of hair extensions in Gla Hair that you can look at and see their beautiful, voluminous hair layer.

Silky, shiny anh durable hair extensions from Gla Hair

Silky, shiny anh durable hair extensions from Gla Hair

Gla Hair’s online customer consultation

Gla Hair receives customers’ inquiry via inquiry box, gmail as well as Whatsapp. Many people say that Gla Hair gets a quick response from their customers. Therefore, below is a testing message that a customer sends in the inquiry box so observe the time and how they reply to their customers. 

Gla Hair quickly reply message of customers

In only 10 minutes, they have reached customers’ questions and give a pleasant and helpful reply email that can satisfy their customers the most.

Customers’ feeling about buying process at Gla Hair

Gla Hair buying process is beyond the ordinary support. They released ordering guide, policies for customers to look at. They are willing to make a video call to show customers real-time video of their products so that customers can see them.

With large orders that customers fly to Vietnam to see the hair factory and hair extensions item in person, they are also happy to help customers by assisting them to get accustomed to Vietnam. 

Some terms on the list of policies that Gla Hair offer

Gla Hair takes the lead in the Vietnamese hair extensions market and makes it reasonable when they attract a large number of devoted global wholesale clients by providing premium hair extensions at the factory’s lowest possible pricing together with first-rate customer support. 

Contact Information:

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  • Hotline: (+84) 349008247
  • Whatsapp: 84349008247

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