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Hair grafts

Hair grafts or follicular unit grafts are required to treat Male hair loss and Female hair loss via male hair transplant and Female hair transplant in bald or recipient areas on human head and face at Walia Hair Transplant Center Walia Hospital Ludhiana India. Many hair grafts are required for hair transplants of several types including, Head/scalp hair transplant, Beard hair transplant and Beard reconstruction, Mustache hair transplant and Mustache reconstruction, Eyebrows hair transplant and Eyebrows reconstruction, Eyelashes hair transplant and Eyelashes reconstruction, Front hairline reconstruction and Front hairline restoration etc. Genetically active hair grafts are extruded at WHTC Walia Hospital Ludhiana India through FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, a latest and advanced technology, from donor parts and then transplanted to recipient part of same individual. Hair grafts are actually roots of hairs which are transplanted in very minute incisions made on hair loss parts, in right & desired directions. The cost of any hair transplant procedure is estimated by number of hair grafts needed for transplantation or through very area where hair grafts transplanted. Hair transplant surgery for hair grafts transplantation is a very meticulous job which can be performed by a well experienced and talented surgeon to give rise to a natural appearance and 100% best results. Hair transplant surgery to transplant hair grafts at bald parts or hair thinning parts is a painless, bloodless and scar-less modern technique. Many people at Walia Hair Transplant Center are on average treated with several hundred to three thousand hair grafts. Hair grafts extraction and transplantation is painless and no any bleeding takes place during a hair transplant treatment. It also leaves no scars on hair transplanted zones.
Before suggesting a hair transplant procedure to a hair loss patient, Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia usually analyze the hair loss zones on patient’s head or face and then suggests how much hair grafts are needed to transplant there. Around 3000 hair grafts can be transplanted during a single sitting at WHTC Walia Hospital Ludhiana India using FUE hair transplant technique by Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia and surgeon’s team. Hair grafts transplantation enhances appearance as well as self confidence of a hair loss experiencing individual.


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