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Hair loss causes in women

Female hair loss picture
Female hair loss picture

Hair Loss causes in women includes several factors. Stress is a main cause behind it. Women can get stress through various reasons like any abnormal conditions to their health and beauty, diabetes, overweight, divorce, financial problems, a severe infection, major surgery and other negative situations. Extreme stress in women suddenly brings 90% hair follicles to resting stage from their growing stage. This may go for months to some years and referred as Telogen effluvium. It is also observed that after child birth women usually experience hair loss as child birth stress creates hormonal imbalance to them. However HL after child birth is categorized as a temporary hair loss. It is generally restored after returning to normal health in few weeks. In general 50 to 100 strands of hair fall out each day from our head. If the number is increased then it is termed as starting of a hair loss condition. Other reasons for it in women include poor diet, thyroid imbalance and excessive use of unsuitable hair care products like shampoos, hair dyes, hair conditioners etc.

Female Pattern Baldness is such a type of the loss in which women get hair thinning on their head. The main cause behind it is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of male hormone called testosterone. Small traces of testosterone are also present in a female under her normal health conditions. DHT causes hair follicle miniaturization and gradually destroys hair follicles. DHT is also a main cause behind Male Pattern Baldness. Sudden decline in female hormones just after menopause also create the problem. The cyclic nature of both hair and female hormones is one reason behind sudden and excessive hair loss. The symptoms of this type of hair loss include hair thinning mainly on the top and crown of the scalp; however the front hair line remains as such. Hypothyroidism is also a cause behind female hair loss. Body starts producing less amount of thyroid hormone which supports several metabolic activities of the body. The hormone also supports growth of skin, hair and nails. The disorder leads to brittle and weak hair and prevails in most of women after 50s. Anemia or iron deficiency is also associated with the hair loss. It is a condition of lower number of RBCs in blood. Iron is useful for keeping hair follicles active as it is necessary to send oxygen to every cell of the body. Zinc deficiency also causes the loss as the element is useful for well functioning of hair follicles. Lack of biotin in body is also related to the loss. Vitamin A is also required in sufficient amount for metabolism of several activities. Moreover protein deficiency sometime shows enormous hair loss as proteins are useful for production of hairs and follicles too.

Some medications to treat ulcers, epilepsy, depression, acne, cancer, birth control, blood thinning, cholesterol, anti inflammation, thyroid disorders may bring hair loss due to their side effects. It would be important to confirm from a physician whether the prescribed or on the counter available medicine you are consuming causing the loss as side effect. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy also causes hair loss as it targets hair follicles along with rapidly diving cancer cells. 90% of active hairs in their growing stage fall out of the body soon after chemotherapy against cancer. This type of hair loss is termed as Anagen Effluvium. An autoimmune disorder called Alopecia areata may cause the loss in which own immune system generally attacks hair follicle mistakenly. This is also found in men. It causes small round smooth patches of baldness on scalp, eyebrows, legs, beard or mustaches. Continuous pull on hairs for several hours during certain hair styles like braiding, cornrows and tight ponytails plus wearing of hair extensions and hairpieces also cause the loss. This type of loss is known as Traction alopecia that develops a bald spot overtime. Over hair straightening, bleaching and coloring to locks may also lead the loss. Polycystic ovarian syndrome also creates hair loss in women. Ovaries start producing too much male hormone that may causes infertility in women. This disorder may cause hair loss, facial hair growth, irregular periods, cysts on the ovaries and acne formation. This may starts at early teens of their age.

It is generally noticed that women restore their temporary hair loss after some weeks if their health improves and they take nutritious diet full of minerals, vitamins, proteins, unsaturated fat and some carbohydrates. If they could not get any relief to their disorder even after using Minoxidil or Finasteride then hair transplantation is only the best option for them. Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant is a very effective for women hair loss. It is really a very economic and permanent solution for the loss. These hair transplant surgical procedures are quite painless and bloodless. These make no any scar on donor parts of an individual who goes under the treatment.


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