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Hair restoration on scars

There are many people living in Ludhiana, India and in other nations across the world who have had scars on their head and face. Scars contain no hairs if they are present on scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches. These scars affect beauty of women and handsomeness of men. These are also a matter of concern for to be bridegrooms and grooms. Before marriage and engagement these scars create a stressful environment and people used to disguise them with facial colors. It is useful to fill scars with suitable natural hairs so that they no longer are noticeable. Scars on hair zones generally do not contain hairs and hair roots; however they may contain few hairs growing sparsely. It is also observed that skin of the scars is also different from natural skin. These scars create tension in minds of people bearing it. People wearing scars might have had taken cosmetic surgeries, however they could not got good appearance due to lack of hairs there and it could not provide them gorgeous look. Scars which cause no hairy zones on head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustaches usually provide humiliation and stress as well to people experiencing it as they used to think that these scars are incurable to restore hairs back. They used to think that they no longer be appeared beautifully or handsomely. They used to get a false illusion in their mind that these scars will go with their life as long as they live with no beauty hairs. Each day, they get some amount of stress whenever they see their scars without beauty hairs through mirror. This stress is not only harmful for their physical health but also for their mental health. To get rid of this stress they should consult their nearest dermatologists or hair transplant specialists positively.

There are several people living worldwide who want to restore their hairs on scars from cuts and wounds. Gone are the days when people could not get beauty hairs on their scars left behind by accidental cuts, injuries, medical surgeries or wounds etc. Their dream will now come to be true to have beauty hairs on any scar at their head and face. No doubt, hair loss on head and face due to injuries and physical cuts is now very successfully curable through FUE surgery. Follicular hair transplantation (FUE) is a painless minor surgery also used to restore natural hairs on scars. It is applied to transfer genetically active hair follicles to no hairy zones present on scars. No any bleeding takes place during this hair transplant procedure as it is very invasive surgery. It also does not leave any scars on the skin of donor parts from where hair grafts or hair follicles were extracted out using the surgical technique. People with noticeable cuts and injuries on their head and face must avail FUE hair transplants as soon as possible to restore their natural hairs as it is an economic and permanent solution for them.

Dr. D.S. Walia MD, MBBS, Hair transplant surgeon and Laser hair removal and beauty specialist at Walia Hospital Ludhiana, India says “People are not aware of real potential of FUE hair transplants through which hair loss at scars especially on head or face is treated successfully. We are now getting some demands from people living in India and abroad to restore hairs on their scars where hairs damaged accidently or through minor skin injurers or surgeries. We have had treated such various people here and they are now have beautiful and gorgeous appearance. Whenever they used to visit us with their hair restoration on their scars and we got real satisfaction of our life through our reliable hair transplant services. ” “Young boys and girls are now getting awareness through internet and media. They also send different queries to us about how to restore hairs on scars and skin with injuries as they show their more concerns over their job selection or engagement to merry” he added.

In conclusion, hair loss on scars is permanently treated through FUE hair transplant technique. It requires some minutes to mend the scars with natural hairs which have potential to grow. Hair transplanted scars really add more beauty to face.

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