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Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a latest technology in which naturally grown hairs are moved from thick hair growth areas to bald parts.
Most of hair transplant procedures are performed in an OT (Operation Theatre) of a surgeon specialized in the technology. The transplantation is not generally a single day procedure in which a surgeon checks out your hair loss and considers suitable donor parts on your body. After making a decision to select an appropriate hospital and a reliable surgeon, you will be given an appointment to undergo a minor surgical procedure. Transplantation especially through FUE procedures is also useful to restore natural hairs on facial hairy features like eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and mustaches. It is also important for growing natural hair on scar or injuries that are often created on such features. If you are going to take a procedure for your baldness then your scalp hairs will be trimmed to minimum size that is known as zero size trimming. You will receive local anesthesia to make it painless. You may also get some medicines according to your health to make you relaxed. Your head is now thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic solution. Your hair grafts from your donor parts will be collected according to requirement of covering your transplanted area called recipient part. It may need 1000 to 3000 grafts for your first session.
If you are experiencing severe baldness then you will need around 6000 grafts that will take two sessions for your procedure to be done. Most of the procedures are performed while you are sitting on a chair. You will not get inconvenience during your procedure, as you may talk, share your stories with the surgeon or read a magazine or write your diary. The surgeon will use quality punches to collect your grafts and put them in a solution that keeps the grafts alive for several hours. The surgeon will extract one graft at a time from your scalp and it will take few seconds to collect single graft. After collection of grafts, transplantation process is started during which the surgeon puts the graft one by one manner in tiny incisions made on your recipient parts. After transplanting all the grafts on your recipient zones you will see your procedure done within four to five hours. Your transplanted graft can gives rise of one to six hairs as it may contain one to six follicles. A follicle produces one strand of hair only. The modern day transplantation is quite handy for recovering from baldness as these always provide good results.
Why hair transplant is useful for you?
The procedure is quite useful for you for regaining your young appearance and lost confidence. It makes you healthy through eliminating your stress about the disorder. It also supports your professional as well as social life.
Risks of hair transplant
There are no risks of FUE procedures as these are painless and free from infection and bleeding. Moreover, you may get scabs at roots of your transplanted grafts, which will remove within a week. You have to take care of your transplanted hairs according to your surgeon’s advice. There will create no any scarring on your donor parts if the surgeon has not done any surgery to take your grafts.
Hair transplant review
There is no need to use any medicine for transplanted hair care as these belong to you and supported by your immune system. It will start showing growth within a week. They will grow half an inch per month and you will get your hairstyle improved within two to three month.
Hair transplant cost
The hair transplant cost will be suggested to you before doing your procedure. It will depend on number of grafts or time taken to complete it. The cost is generally affordable and it is often negligible for providing you perfect hairstyle and making your looking gorgeous and young. The cost is INR 50 per graft at our Walia Hospital Ludhiana India Punjab. Discount packages at the hospital often relax it.


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