Hair transplant cost determining factors and options

Knowledge of hair transplant cost is necessary for all individuals who want restoration of their natural hairs through hair transplantation. First of all, it is important to know that transplant surgeries can be done manually or robotically nowadays worldwide. Manual transplant procedures are quite cheaper than robotic ones. So you have to decide first which procedure you prefer and afford well against your hair loss. Both manual and robotic procedures require good skills and experience of a surgeon. Cost of transplant also depends on type of hair loss you are experiencing. It is different for setting front hairline, treating bald spots, or baldness. The cost for baldness and hairline setting on head is usually determined through cost of per graft basis, as these areas require 1000 to 8000 hair grafts to transplant. On an average 3000 to 4000 grafts are generally transplanted to treat such cases. The cost of per graft varies from country to country, city to city, or clinic to clinic. It is not fixed; however contains variations in it, depending on quality of services, infrastructure of clinics, and labor of surgeons plus staff. It also includes cost of instruments and medicines used during a procedure.

Hair transplant rate for beard transplant also quoted on per graft cost basis if transplanted area is quite larger and requires over one thousand grafts. Price or rate of other transplants including for eyebrows, eyelashes or mustache, where grafts are generally required under one thousand, is quoted as a cosmetic or surgical procedure. The cost for such procedures is charged considering expense on instruments and medicines plus time taken to complete the surgery. Moreover, the cost of transplant is also influenced by Medical Tourism Industry that includes these surgical procedures to treat baldness or thinning. Hair transplant costs in USA are generally expensive, so, some Americans have opted to have this surgery done outside the nation. Countries that provide cheaper hair transplants are India, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina, and Philippines. 75% US dollars can be saved by Americans facing hair loss, if they get hair transplant procedures done in such countries. This doesn’t only apply to hair transplantation, but most of cosmetic or medical procedures also.

In USA, the cost of hair transplant can range from USD 5000 to USD 30000 to treat baldness or other hair loss type. The same surgical procedure in Medical Tourism offering nation such as India could be done spending as low as USD 2000 to USD 5000 only. The cost of hair transplant is also altered by discount packages that are provided in most of clinics to fight competition. This is also a positive factor for hair loss experiencing individuals. The cost may further be decreased through availing such discount packages. In conclusion, there are several factors and options regarding to hair transplant cost. It depends on you how you take it. If you are a resident of American, European, or Australian country, facing hair loss and feeling unable to bear the cost in your country, then you can avail medical tourism for your hair transplantation to cut its cost. Moreover, manual procedures can also give you relief by decreasing the cost to great extent.

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