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Hair transplant cost for baldness in India

Balding individuals, who live worldwide, after getting no satisfactory results through various medicines, hair oils, and lotions to restore their locks, show interest to know hair transplant cost. Baldness is being faced by over 90 % of males after 45 years of age in the world. Some males also experience receding front hairlines in their early 20s. Hair transplantation surgery has enough potential to replace and restore natural hairline. The surgical nature of a transplant procedure actually makes it costing a lot. However advanced procedure through FUE technology, a minimally invasive surgical technology for follicle extraction, made it quite affordable and economical treatment. The procedure involves the insertion of several hundred individual follicular units in the scalp. These follicular units that are known as grafts are extracted from baldness resistant donor parts that present on posterior parts of the head. To avoid scarring only one hair grafts is extracted out from a group of five to six hairs. A graft usually contains one to six hair follicles and each follicle always gives rise to one naturally growing hair. The biggest advantage of a FUE procedure is that it is typically undetectable in nature, making it a rather popular option for individuals who do not like any noticeable scarring on their head.

The cost of hair transplant, for FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) in which grafts are collected from a strip of skin taken out from posterior donor part, is quite lower than an FUE procedure. This strip that is taken out surgically during an FUT procedure, generally measures 10 cm to 15 cm X 1 cm to 1.5 cm. It contains thousands of grafts that are separated under magnification. During an FUE procedure, there is no need of taking such a strip of skin. Grafts are extracted out from scalp, using hollow punches with under mm diameters. A special punch is pushed 2 to 4 mm deep into the scalp skin targeting around a hair or a group of hairs (2-6 hairs). The grafts are hence extracted out, in one by one manner that takes more time for graft harvesting as compare to an FUT method. The cost of an FUE procedure for baldness is so slightly higher than cost of an FUT procedure.

Hair transplant cost depends on a procedure you choose to treat your baldness and setting front hairline. A manual FUE procedure will be more expensive than an FUT procedure. Moreover, robotic FUE procedures are most expensive than manual procedures. The cost also varies from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic. It is also influenced by the country that you select for your hair transplantation. Hair transplant cost in India, Philippines, and Malaysia is rather economical as compare to that charged in USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada. The cost of hair transplant hence depends on several factors including choice of procedure, selection of a surgeon and hospital, and country of the world in which you want your treatment done. In addition, it is also affected by discount packages which are offered to make the procedure affordable.

The cost of hair transplant to treat baldness ranges from 4 to 12 US dollar per graft in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe during this time. The cost of hair transplant in India during these days is however running from 2 to 4 US dollar per graft. India is a developing country, a highly populated nation, and supporting medical tourism industry in the world. It provides opportunity to balding individuals residing in USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada to take the advantage of cheap and best hair transplants in the nation. Walia Hospital India Ludhiana is one of the best hair transplant hospitals in the world which is providing economical and best hair transplant services since last ten years. Dr. D S Walia MD, who is providing hair transplants at the hospital, is trained by Dr James Harris, one of the pioneer hair transplant surgeons In USA. Truly, you can get international standard of hair transplant services at the hospital that are most reliable and economical to you.


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