Hair transplant cost in india, America and England

When people with hair loss opt for a hair transplant procedure, its cost immediately strikes their mind. They usually eager to know the cost of FUE transplant procedure. There are several transplant procedures to treat different hair losses in men and women including procedures for head hair loss, beard hair loss, eyebrows hair loss, eyelashes hair loss, scar hair loss etc. Each type of the loss is treated through a specific FUE transplant, which is known as head transplant, beard transplant, mustache transplant or eyelashes transplant etc. The cost for each FUE procedure is different. Several transplant hospitals working worldwide are generally quoting cost for a baldness treatment. A baldness procedure generally involves highest number of graft implants and cost for it is considered through number of grafts to be implanted. Patients have to pay for the number of grafts used to cover their baldness. The cost for per graft is quoted by the surgeon to a patient before undergoing a procedure. A manual FUE transplant procedure for 2000 to 5000 grafts plantation in western countries like USA generally ranges from 10000 USD to 20000 USD. The average cost for a single graft there runs around 5 to 6 USD. In India per hair graft cost on an average is dramatically low, around 1 to 2 USD. A graft may contain one to six hair follicles and each follicle produces on hair. On an average 3000 grafts generally produce 9000 hairs. The cost for robotic FUE is generally more than manual FUE. It runs over 10 USD in America; however it may be low in other nations. India is a developing country and most of surgeons here are also trained from western nations. They are providing same quality of the transplants like those offered in USA or other western nations. This technology is available in India nowadays and each year several people with the loss visit the nation to go through the surgical procedures for natural hair restoration. In Thailand it is running around 2 USD, while in UK it runs £4 to £10 per graft for FUE procedure. In conclusion the cost of hair transplant varies country to country and some people visit countries where it is cheaper. The cost of hair transplant in India is cheaper than European and western countries. As far as quality of the transplant is considered, no doubt, the technology preformed in India is of same quality as being offered in America and United Kingdom. It’s only the economic strategy that lowers down the cost of the hair transplant here. Walia Hospital Ludhiana India is associated with the hair transplant procedures since last ten years and successfully providing baldness services to people living in India or in several foreign countries. The cost for the procedure here is running around INR 50 per graft, moreover people are also availing their heavy discount offers to treat baldness, hair thinning and setting hairlines too.
The costs of FUE hair transplant or FUT hair transplant in India or abroad are different and negotiable plus decided between the surgeon and patient. These are however not covered under any insurance policy. It totally depends on the surgeon who performs the surgery. He could, on his behalf, provide an economic relief to a patient undergoing the procedure. Many hair transplant clinics are also providing discount on the transplant to fight competition which should be availed by the patients.

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