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Hair Transplant in India a brief history

Hair Transplant in India a brief history
Modern hair transplantation was first come to existence during late 1950s when Norman Orentreich, a New York dermatologist started treating male baldness through donor grafts. Later more researches and instrumental development had made it more sophisticated and handy technique. Hair transplant in India had been started around two decades ago. Hair transplant techniques are carried out from western nations by several Indian doctors and surgeons who have had established their hair transplant centers and clinics here to provide hair loss treatments to the people living in India and abroad. Indians used to face several hair loss problems since several centuries, and they could not get sufficient or permanent treatment to restore their hair on their scalp and face. They used to rely on herbal medicinal plants to treat their hair loss disorders in ancient times; however several medicines also come up to treat the disorder since nineteenth centuries.

Hair transplant in India is performed through Strip method and FUE method nowadays. FUE technique is more preferred than Strip method as it is scar-less and painless hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant surgeon first of all recognizes the donor and recipient parts on human scalp or face. Genetically active hair grafts are taken out from donor parts and then transplanted to the recipient zones. There are several clinics and hospitals in India which are providing hair loss treatments or hair transplants nowadays. Walia Hospital is one of the best centers in India that has been providing reliable and economic hair transplants to people living in India and foreign nations. Modern scientific and instrumental researches have created a new era of hair transplants with natural and beautiful results. It has replaced plug type transplants of the past with natural appearance of transplanted hairs and their growth which even made it quite difficult to judge or detect. The transplanted hairs grow naturally and they are alive too. Hair transplant in India has provided relief to men and women who suffer from hair loss due to hereditary problems or accidental scars or cuts.


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