Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant in India/hair transplantation in India
Walia hospital in India is one of the best centers in India which is providing outstanding, reliable and economic hair transplant services to all economic groups of people since last seven years. It is also providing heavy discount packages for hair transplants for head, face, beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes not only for Indian people but also for foreigners to get hair transplants and peace of mind against hair loss stress positively. Dr Devinderjeet S Walia and his surgeons’ team are well experienced and talented for providing any hair loss treatments through FUE hair transplant, a latest technique. They have had performed several hair transplant surgical operations for many people worldwide since last several years. They are very keen to see smile on the faces of their clients who take hair transplant treatment. Their motto is to earn prestige and provide H T treatment to maximum number of people so that their clients could live happily with their restored hair styles and get permanent peace of mind to be healthy, fit and fine without any wrinkles of stress on their foreheads.

Hair transplant India history: Human body hairs are very useful and the most valuable gift of nature to mankind as they protect us from many harmful sun rays, bacteria, germs and viruses through preventing them reaching directly into our body. The hair especially on our head, face, beard, mustache,eyebrows and eyelashes collectively give us a unique shape, identity and image to look beautiful, handsome and gorgeous. People of each age group ranging from child to young and old age had been experiencing hair loss, hair fall, thinning of hair and baldness problems including India and all foreign countries since last several centuries. They used to take several herbal and allopathic medicines along with essential oils to treat it, however, they could not get desired results to eliminate the disorder and getting permanent and unique solution for their hair restoration whether they were damaged through diseases, hormones, accidents, wounds, injuries, cuts, stitches etc or other possible factors. Hair-transplant is a new and latest technology now available in India to transplant hair against any hair loss successfully. Before its implementation in India, Indian people had to visit foreign nations for getting hair transplant treatment against their various hair loss problems which were really very expensive treatment for them and only high profiled and rich Indians were able to get hair transplant treatment from foreign countries. Now there are several hair transplant centers, hospitals, clinics available in India to serve almost all economic classes of the Indian societies.

During 19th century both flaps of human scalp with hair grafts were successfully transferred to bald parts on human head. The modern hair transplant techniques were however, started in Japan during 1930s where surgeons used to transplant hair grafts to improve damaged eyebrows and eyelashes. They infect had no idea to treat the baldness same way and later their attention was also diverted from elaborating the technique for almost two decades due to World WarII trauma which brought great loss to the nation physically, mentally and economically too. The modern era of human hair transplant in western nations was kicked off in late 1950s when Norman Orentreich, a New York dermologist, started research with free donor grafts to plant them on balding parts of his patients’ head who were facing male pattern baldness. In late 1980s small micro hair grafts were dissected from a single donor strip by Limmer. The hair transplant technique was further refined up to 5o hair grafts per centimeter which was sufficient to redistribute hair on balding parts. Later the angles and orientation of the transplanted grafts were come into consideration to give transplanted hairs a natural growing look. The hair transplanted, grow naturally which was proved to be a golden research in the era of baldness treatment.

Hair transplant Introduction: Human hair transplant is a new, advanced and latest surgical technique for natural human hair restoration which involves moving of genetically active hair follicles from good hair growing parts to balding parts especially on scalp or head, face, beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Why hair transplant / Requirement of hair transplant: Hair transplant is necessary for hair restoration in case of excessive hair loss, receding hairline, noticeable or accidental hair loss, hair loss due to several diseases including cancer, typhoid etc, medications and other several causes including age, genetics, diet, nutrition, sunlight, vitamins deficiencies, hormones, medication, pregnancy, childbirth, pollution, radiotherapy, thyroid, lifestyle, use of chemicals, drugs etc

Types of hair transplant / Methods of hair transplant: There are generally two methods of hair transplant treatment in which hair grow naturally within two to six months. Both techniques are painless and without bleeding.

(1) FUE method: Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method in hair transplantation is a process in which genetically active hair follicles are taken out usually one out of five to six hair follicles from donor parts using minor punches under local anesthesia and then these grafts are transplanted one by one at such angles as well as directions similar to natural hair in which they grow, to other balding parts at equal minute distance. FUE is a standard hair transplant technique which is commonly used for human hair restoration nowadays in India and abroad.

(2) Follicular Unit Transplantation (strip method): In this method a long strip from posterior part of scalp with active hair follicles is taken out and then stitched medically. The grafts on it are then separated and planted or redistributed to bald or recipient parts similar to FUE technique. This technique is however, unpopular and used in rare cases as its scar remains visible during deep cutting hair styles.

Precautions necessary for hair transplant: Precautions must be taken before starting a procedure of hair transplant including- Avoid using Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which increase bleeding, drinking alcohol usually three days before a procedure as it interferes with platelets and decreases clotting process, smoking, intake of multi -vitamins, vitamin B and vitamin E. It is also necessary to make the surgeon familiar with any medication being taken against any current body disorder. Back to hair transplant in india | Back to home | Add Site To The Free Directory

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