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Hair transplant Karnal

Karnal residing people with noticeable hair loss on their scalp and face are used to take hair transplant treatments at Walia Hair Transplant Center Walia Hospital Ludhiana. Poeple residing in Karnal district are taking several hair transplants including head hair transplant, beard hair transplant and beard reconstruction, mustache hair transplant and mustache reconstruction, eyebrows hair transplant and eye brows reconstruction plus eyelashes hair transplant and eyelashes reconstruction. Walia Hair Transplant Center is providing best and economic hair transplant procedures to restore hairs to the people of Karnal. The people of Karnal are also availing heavy discount packages for hair transplants. They are also availing free consultation for their hair loss issues at Walia Hospital. To access Walia Hospital one should have to come Ferozepur road and then turn right from passing Ansal Plaza to Malhar Road and then passing PVR take right turn opposite to Bridgestone Tyres and after around 200 yards Walia Hospital appears at 33-B Sarabha Nagar.

Karnal is only 196 Km away from Ludhiana and it takes around three hours to reach Ludhiana and visit Walia Hospital where lodging facilities are available for hair transplant patients. Karnal is a district of Haryana an adjacent state to Punjab. Karnal District covers 1967 sq km. It lies on Delhi Ambala Railway line and people from Karnal can also arrive here via trains to have economic hair transplants at Walia Hospital. Karnal is famous for Maata Bhawaani Mandir about 1000 yrs old ancient temple, Babur’s Mosque, Atal Park, Karna Lake, Christian Cemetary etc.


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