Hair Transplant Mohali

People who are residents of Mohali district of Punjab India experiencing hair loss on their scalp, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes have been getting hair transplants at Walia Hair Transplant Center-Walia Hospital Ludhiana India since last several years. They are getting economic and best quality hair transplants at the hospital to restore their noticeable hair losses on their head and face. FUE Hair transplant technique is implemented for reconstruction of their front hair line, head hair style, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustache to have beautiful and handsome appearance. Ludhiana is at one hour drive distance (90Km) from Mohali by road. Mohali people can easily come to Walia Hospital Ludhiana for hair transplant for their hair loss problems. Keeping ‘Hair loss brings stress’, in mind, heavy discount packages are also offered to the people of Mohali as well and they have not to pay any consultation charges to discuss their hair loss. Walia Hospital at Ludhiana can easily be accessed by reaching at Ferozepur Road and turning left opposite to Vishal Megamart and this is called Malhar Road, after crossing PVR, turn right from Bridgestone Tyres where Walia Hospital appears around at 200 yards distance from the Malhar Road, at 33-B Sarabha Nagar. It can also be accessed from Kipps Market opposite to PVR on Malhar Road. Walia hair transplant center-Walia hospital has been providing superior quality hair transplants to people of Mahali district of Punjab.

Mohali district of Punjab is adjacent to Chandigarh and also known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh (SAS) Nagar, It has Punjab Cricket Association Stadium. The city also houses Punjab Tractor Limited, ICI paints and Godrej industry. The district also covers several villages in Punjab.

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