We at Walia Hair Transplant Center-Walia Hospital Ludhiana Punjab, India like to mention several FUE hair transplants with before and after hair transplant pictures of our several patients whom we have had given hair transplants done against their severe hair loss issues. The patients are now enjoying their good and natural hairstyle after taking our successful and best hair transplant procedure for their hair loss especially on their head and face.

Hair Transplantation of Mr.Karanvir
Mr. Karanvir, 27 had come to us with Traction Alopecia. It was a rare case of male pattern baldness with such a severe hair loss. He was very depressed while showed us his hair loss; he lost his confidence to face people around him. He had no hope to restore his hairs. He had total hair loss on his anterior scalp as you see in his first image. He had excessive hair loss and baldness on front and sides of his head. His temporal hairlines and angle were missing. His hair style was drastically distorted by the hair fall. Dr. D. S. Walia closely examined Karanvir’s hair loss and found that he had good donor parts on his posterior head. Dr. Walia has transplanted around six thousand hair grafts on Karanvir’s scalp to cover up his entire baldness. Dr. Walia applied their 3D FUE hair transplant procedure at his Walia Hospital Ludhiana India. It took two sittings during two consecutive days to perform the procedure of baldness. After hair graft harvesting Mr Charanjit, Dr. Walia’s assistant counted the hair grafts making their groups in multiples of 50 grafts.

We have had his twelve pictures out of which first four are before hair transplant procedure. First and second images of him are showing front view of his hair loss with total baldness and distorted hair style plus missing hairlines with around 2 inches long hairs on rest of his scalp. The second picture is also showing missing hair lines with blue marker; Dr. Walia had marked it to show the exact hair loss there. His third image is showing left hand side view of his face with hair loss behind the blue line. His forth picture showed marking done after cutting his all scalp hair through zero number cutting.
His fifth image is showing transplanted hairs as well as setting of frontal hairline on his scalp with face after fourteen days. Transplanted hairs had covered his hair loss and given blackish appearance on it. His sixth image shows his closer view of entire scalp with forehead only having 14 days older transplanted hairs zone. Side view of his face and head from his left side is shown with 14 days grown transplanted hairs in his seventh picture. His eighth image is showing donor parts on his posterior head two weeks after the procedure where hair grafts were harvested from. These donor parts were not differentiated from rest of the scalp as they were also showing hair growth. Moreover, no any scars were even formed on the donor parts as you see in the picture. His 9th to 12th images are showing his restored hair styles with around two inches long hairs after six months. His ninth image shows front face with good hair style and hairline setting. His tenth, eleventh and twelfth images are showing the restored hair styles at Walia Hospital from his left side face, right side face and entire posterior head respectively. In the last image you could see full hair growth at his donor parts.
Mr. Karanvir and his relatives thanked Dr. Walia for his natural hair restoration and getting naturally growing hairs. His hair style now looks natural. Our hair transplant really made him handsome with attractive personality. He became more confident with his new appearance. He also looks younger and happy nowadays. We say with confidence that we had dealt with severe traction alopecia a condition of male pattern baldness. The treatment was very successful with 100% good results. Traction alopecia is occurred by continuous pull on hairs and cases like these are generally found in male youths who used to wear knot of hairs being a Sikh and adopted Mona hair styles later who are mainly living in Ludhiana, Punjab, India or abroad.

Hair Transplant Treatment to Mr. Sanjeev
Mr. Sanjeev, 26, presented with a typical Male Pattern Baldness which is found in very rare cases. He visited us with his noticeable hair loss and looking quite depressed with the disorder. His baldness really made him difficult for finding a beautiful match for him. A tuft of hairs were found on his center of scalp with total baldness around it, making horseshoe shaped pattern baldness. He had also experiencing hair thinning and baldness on his front, back and sides of his head which had distorted his hair style to a great extent. His temporal hairlines, angles and front hairline were missing and severely damaged by his hair loss. Dr. D. S. Walia at Walia Hospital Ludhiana Punjab India had transplanted 4675 hair grafts to cover his baldness successfully. Dr. Walia had taken 3265 hair grafts from the patients’ scalp donor parts. He harvested remaining 1410 hair grafts from donor areas present on the patients’ beard. The FUE procedure at the hospital for Mr. Sanjeev had taken two sessions during two consecutive days. He is now happy with his restored hair style and enjoying handsome appearance too as his images below show his story.

We have had his four snaps related to his FUE hair transplant at our Walia Hospital. His first and second images show his hair loss before the hair transplantation while third and fourth ones are showing restored hair style after the transplantation procedure at the hospital.
His first image from very left hand side shows his front facial view with baldness on temporal regions, missing front hairline and a tuft of hairs on top of his head. His second image from left is showing horse shoe shaped hair loss or baldness. Hairs were only present at center and sides of his head. The third image shows his position right after hair transplantation with transplanted hairs on his bald parts. The fourth picture is showing him with complete restored hair style. He is looking quite confident and gorgeous as well young in the last image than his first and second pictures. He and his relatives thanked us for his natural hair restoration and helping them finding good match for him through gorgeous appearance and improved personality with full confidence. This type of FUE Hair Transplant procedure against a typical male pattern baldness hair transplantation performed by Dr. Walia was probably first in the world.

Hair Transplant of Mr. Manu and Mr. Par at Walia Hospital
Mr. Manu from Amritsar Underwent FUE hair transplant for his male pattern baldness at our hospital. Dr. D.S. Walia had transplanted 5810 hair grafts successfully to cover his baldness on head.
Mr. Par, 30, unmarried, resident of Punjab, came with his significant hair loss at our hospital. He had been experiencing thinning of hair with bald patches on his scalp, a Male Pattern Baldness type. He was planning to get married but his has loss was creating a big problem for the purpose. He was interested to restore his natural hair style rather than wearing a hair wig or hairpiece. Inferiority complex was developed in him and he was looking quite older than his real age. He showed courage and an internal urge made him to improve his appearance. He said that he had used several medicines, hair oils, hair lotions and other applications to grow his hair against the loss but all of these could not work. He wasted lot of his precious time and money too to get back his locks. At the end he decided to take hair transplant according to him. He said that he heard that hair transplant is a fast way and painless procedure plus it works on all patients of hair loss. He opined that hair transplant is most reliable treatment for hair loss that made his mind to undergo its procedure. He further said that his friends recommended him to get the treatment at Walia Hospital Ludhiana Punjab India hence he visited the hospital. His front hairline was missing and hair loss with hair thinning with some bald patches had distorted his hair style severely. His hair style was appearing ugly and irregular. He had noticeable hair thinning of hairs over the frontal area, crown and top of his head. Dr. D. S. Walia had performed hair transplant procedure on Mr. Par through 3G FUE technique. Dr. Walia had transplanted 4150 grafts to cover the hair thinning and setting the hairline properly. On very first day he harvested 2500 grafts from posterior scalp of the patient and transplanted them in frontal areas successfully consuming 4 to 5 hours only. On very next day he again harvested 1650 hair grafts from the donor parts of the patient and transplanted nicely to cover all hair loss. The results of the procedure were appeared very satisfactory that gave more density of hairs at the front hairline and the crown plus the top. Mr. Par after hair transplantation was looking confident and handsome with restored beautiful hair style. He was very happy as he got his locks back through the hair transplant procedure at the hospital. He stated, “I am feeling quite young again and got more than what I desired”. Moreover he proposed us to be our Brand Ambassador.

We have five pictures of Mr. Manu, first is showing his hair loss, second is depicting marking on deeply hair cut. His third, fourth and fifth images are representing his restored hair style after four months with front, left and right views.
We have total nine images of Mr. Par that are showing his hair loss, FUE hair transplant and hair restoration. His first three images from left to right are showing his distorted hair style, hair loss and marking after minimum hair cut. The first picture is showing his front facial view with hair loss on crown. The second picture is displaying his closer view of head with hair thinning and bald spots on front, crown and top of his head. The third image is presenting his deep hair cut and marking just before the hair transplantation. The fourth image is representing closer view of his head immediate after completion of the hair transplant procedure at the Walia Hospital. His fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth pictures are showing fully developed hair style after four months with front view, left side view, front view, right side view and left side close view respectively. You can compare his first image with hair loss to his last images with his restored locks.

2600 Hair grafts Implanted. This was done by the latest 3rd generation FUE Technique at WALIA HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER , LUDHIANA, PUNJAB, INDIA. Whole process was completed in one session. We have justified fully the job assigned to us.

Hair Transplantation of Mr.S.S.
Mr. S. S., 34, a prominent bank officer came to us with his Male Pattern Baldness. He had been suffering from diabetes since last three to four years. He had developed the pattern baldness VII on his scalp over the years at such a young age. He had severe hair loss on his crown and top of head and developed noticeable baldness there. He also developed inferiority complex due the disorder. He was looking quite older than this real age. He said that he had gone through several treatments for restoration of his locks but of no use. He had made his mind to take hair transplant procedure against his hair loss at Walia Hospital Ludhiana Punjab India making a final decision after several queries. He preferred FUE procedure. Dr. D. S. Walia had decided to transplant 6100 hair grafts for the procedure. He had transplanted 3500 grafts in frontal area, vertex and hairline on first session during first day. On next day he had implanted 2500 grafts through harvesting from remaining scalp donor part and from the shadow parts of the beard. Beard hairs were used to implant on the scalp. Dense hairline and dense hairs on hair loss parts were successfully obtained through the procedure. The sufferer’s diabetic condition was kept under control very strictly during the procedure and all things related to his minor surgical procedure went off smoothly. Mr. S. S. was very satisfied with the whole procedure as it was painless and bloodless. He experienced no any scars on his donor part. He said, “I feel quite young now and got more hairs than I expected. I feel no any difficulty and pain too.” He also stated that his brother would also go through the procedure at the hospital soon.

There are seven images that we have had regarding the hair transplant of Mr. S. S. at our hospital in two rows. The first row contains five pictures while the second has two images. His first three images, starting from left to right in the first row are depicting his hair loss by front view, left side view and full scalp view from backside. His forth image in the row is showing performed marking on deep hair cut showing region marked by blue lines. The fifth image in first row is showing his image after five months with around two inch long hairs in a restored hairstyle. The second row has his two images showing the restored hairstyle five months after the procedure. The sixth picture in the row is representing his right side view of the hairstyle and seventh image is depicting the hairstyle from his left side. He has really improved his hairstyle as you compare the last three images with the first one.

Hair Transplantation of Mr. A K
Mr. A K, 59, who is a diabetic for last ten years presented with Male Pattern Baldness having significant hair loss on the frontal, top and crown parts of his head. His front hairline was entirely destroyed with the disorder. He is a reputed professional and looked very worried about his baldness. He was looking around 70 years due to his baldness. Around 4000 hair grafts were extracted out from his posterior head with 1500 graft were taken from his lower areas on his beard by Dr. D. S. Walia and his team who have transplanted the total number of 5500 grafts on front, top and back of Mr. A K‘s head. His sugar levels were kept under control and monitored during the procedure. The whole procedure had taken two sessions on two successive days for its completion. He made cheerful environment during the procedure through some jokes. After successful termination of the procedure during second day, he appreciated the care given to him by the team. He told us that he felt no any pain during the procedure. It was a case of FUE hair transplant given to an old person over 50 at Walia Hospital India.

There are eight digital images related to FUE hair transplant of Mr. A K at Walia Hospital. His first picture in first row from left is showing significant hair loss and baldness. He had no front hairline but total baldness on vertex, temporal parts and some back parts of his head. He had some hairs above ears and posterior parts of his head only. His next second picture is depicting left side view of head showing baldness and hair thinning. His third image is showing marking done for hair transplantation. The fourth picture is showing his FUE transplantation right after completion of the procedure. His fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth images are presenting himself in front and side views with restored hair style after six months. You could see difference between his first and last four pictures. In the last pictures he is looking quite young and attractive too with gorgeous hair style on head with beard and mustaches. Hair transplant at Walia Hospital, Ludhiana India really helps balding people for looking younger, full of confidence and attractive. No doubt, FUE hair transplants are very useful for patients and surgeons too. These procedures are painless and leave on any scars on donor parts.

Hair Transplant of Mr. Mani
Mr. Mani,who lives in Canada, visited our hospital with noticeable hair loss on his head. He had his receding front hairline, sparsely grown hairs on frontal part and crown of his head. He was quite despair about his hair loss and worried for its restoration. His face was distorted with several lines of worry and tension. His improper hairstyle has disturbed him greatly as we found during conversation with him. After going through several queries on hair transplant and hair loss, he had finally made his mind to undergo a treatment procedure at Walia Hair Transplant Center, Walia Hospital Ludhiana, India. Dr. D. S. Walia had suggested him a hair transplant procedure of 2500 hair grafts. Dr. Walia had successfully transplanted 1000 hair grafts on frontal head zones and 1500 grafts on crown of Mr. Mani’s head. The procedure had covered his all baldness and hair thinning too. It was sufficient to give a gorgeous. The whole transplantation of Mr. Mani, was done through 3D Follicular Unit Extraction technique, a painless and scar-less technique. The surgery was indeed a long procedure that had taken around 12 hours to end with some breaks for lunch, snacks and coffee. He enjoyed eating, refreshment and entertainment during the procedure. He said that he was happy and felt like sitting in his own home. Mr. Mani had entirely enjoyed his hair transplant procedure. He was absolutely content with our given health care to him as well as his wife. He had gained best hair transplant from our hospital. Our medical staff had given him proper support and care too. He told us that he would go Canada after visiting Lahore, on the very next day, a holiday.

We have eight pictures of Mr. Mani, we had clicked these images, before and after his transplant procedure. His first picture from left hand side shows deep hair cut with markings for the procedure. Dr. Walia and his team are doing hair transplant in the second image from left. The third and fourth images show transplanted hair immediate after completion of the procedure. The fifth image shows hair growth four days after the surgery. The six, seventh, and eighth pictures depict fully grown hairstyle views from top, right hand side, and front respectively. He looks young and confident in his last three images. The procedure had helped him for restoration of his natural hair style.

Hair transplant of Mr. Sunil
Mr. Sunil, 54, resident of Indian Punjab, visited us with substantial hair thinning on his head. He had been suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. He is working as a senior Liaison Officer, so he wanted to gain a handsome look through getting back his naturally growing hairs. He was looking harassed and quite older too, than this real age. He had developed inferiority complex in his mind. He had no more confidence to live with such a condition that had distorted his hairstyle. He told us that he had tried several medicines, hair oils, and hair lotions for restoration of his hairstyle, but all of these proved to be of no use. It was indeed wastage of time and money too. This made him to a take decision that could return his previous hair style. After making several queries about hair transplant and hair loss, he finally collected his confidence to uproot the problem, as he believes in that ‘Problem never comes without solution.’ He knows very well that he has much power within him to solve any problem during his life and job. He discussed hair transplant at several angles with his friends. His some friends who have had already taken hair transplant, recommended him to undergo the treatment at our Walia Hair Transplant Center, Walia Hospital Ludhiana, India. He boldly put a step ahead to visit us. During consultation, he shared his little story with us about how he made his mind to visit us. He got confidence after getting his last hope for his hair restoration from us. He had irregular front hairline and considerable hair thinning on his frontal areas, the crown, and the top of his head. After marking his hair loss, we decided to transplant around 6500 grafts through our 3rd Generation FUE hair transplant technique. We had taken most of grafts from his posterior head and we had to extract around 727 grafts from his beard to accomplish the surgical procedure successfully. He achieved more density at the front as well as the hairline. His all procedure was ended happily. He was quite content after watching transplanted hairs through our procedure. He remarked that he was looking young again and had got more than what he desired. Moreover, he opined to be one of our Brand Ambassadors.

We have ten images of Mr. Sunil that are associated with his hair transplant at our Walia Hospital, Ludhiana-India. We have placed them in two rows. Each row contains his five images. Starting from left, his first image shows front view of his face with distorted hair style and hairline. His second image shows top of his head and temporal regions with hair loss and baldness. The third image shows marking with blue ink after hair cutting to minimum size. His fourth image depicts top of head with transplanted grafts immediate after the surgery. His fifth image that was taken 14 days after the surgery, shows left side view of his face with restored hairstyle, transplanted hairs are showing growth covering his all bald parts and hair thinning zones. His sixth image from left shows top of his head with 3 to 4 cm grown hairs, three months and fifteen days after the procedure. The seventh and eighth digital pictures are representing his fully restored hairstyles after four and six month respectively. In addition, ninth and tenth images show his right and left views of his restored hairstyle. Really he looks quite confident and handsome in his last five images.

Mr. Raman,26 yr male presented with marked thinning of hair on the anterior , top and crown areas for last 6 years. . This thinning of hair was progressive. He tried lots of lotions, medication, massages etc. But none helped so he ultimately decided to have hair transplantation done at our WALIA HAIR TRANSPLANATION CENTER, LUDHIANA , PUNJAB , India. A total of 6500 grafts were transplanted in 2 days session. On day 1 about 3500 scalp hair were transplanted on the anterior half., And on 2nd day, a total of 3000 hair grafts were implanted (2000 scalp hair + 1000 beard hair) evenly on the top, and the crowns areas. Our sincere and best efforts were done to give a good coverage and give very good and gratifying results. Already existing hair roots were saved and so the whole procedure has given desirable & a good rich & luxurious look.

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