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Hair structure and hair follicle
Hair structure and hair follicle

Introduction about hair
Hair is a filament of dead natural bio-material that grows from hair follicle founds in the dermis of mammalian skin. It is main characteristic of mammals and provide different look through its growth and length to skin. It is made of Keratin, a tough protein. A hair bulb at the base of each hair follicle contains the roots of hair where living cells divide and grow to build hair shaft consuming nourishment through blood vessels which also deliver hormones that modify hair growth as well as its structure at different age periods of life.

Structure of hair
A hair has three morphological regions including the cuticle, medulla and cortex. Cuticle is outermost layer while cortex is middle layer and medulla is central part of it. It consists of a hair shaft which projects above the skin and root that embedded in the dermis layer of skin. The melanin, a pigment present in form of small granules in the cortex of hair which is responsible for color of the hair. Blood vessels are present at the base of hair follicle which provides nourishment and hormones to growing hair cells.

Hair growth
Hair growth generally takes place in three growing phases

Anagen or Growing phase: Most of hair has its growing period. Each hair remains in this phase for several years.
Catagen or Transitional phase: Over a few weeks, the growth of hair is decreased and hair follicles shrink
Telogen or Resting phase: Hair growth stops and old hair separates from the hair follicle. A new hair starts its growth phase from the same hair follicle and pushes the old hair out if present.
The growth rate is different in different people; however the average rate for head and other hair is around one-half inch per month or six inches per year. The length of hair on skin is also different; the length of head hair or scalp hair is generally largest in human beings.

Human hair categories
We can categorize human natural hairs in three main categories based on beauty and convenience to life 1. Beauty natural hairs or useful hairs, 2. Unwanted natural hairs and 3. Normal natural hairs

Beauty natural hairs or Useful natural hairs: These natural hairs are generally very useful for beauty and appearance of face including head hairs or scalp hairs, eyebrows hairs, eyelashes hair, mustache hairs, beard hairs. Any hair loss to these hairs usually brings stress and anxiety until they are restored through several natural hair transplants.
Normal natural hairs : There are several other minute hairs present on our body which play no any role against looking beautiful and creating any inconvenience and irritation due to dense growth and ugly appearance. These normal natural hairs are very soft, thin and yellow in color which present on our face and body.
Unwanted natural hairs: Unwanted hairs are further categorized in two sub-sections including Unwanted hairs for men or boys and Unwanted hair for women and girls.
A: Unwanted natural hairs for men and teenage or unmarried boys: These may be present on their face, beard, mustache, eyebrows, between eyebrows, fore head, ears, chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms, legs, underarms and pubic areas which are not suitable for beauty and appearance of face and create irritation and inconvenience to have soft and plane skin however, these hairs can be treated through laser hair removal for permanent relief.
B. Unwanted natural hair for women and teenage or unmarried girls: These include on their face, below ears, eyebrows, fore head, around neck, breast, underarms, arms, legs, fingers, abdomen, back and pubic parts. To get rid of these unwanted hair of women permanently, laser hair removal is a best economic and reliable option.
Hairs’ contribution to beauty
Useful hairs or Beauty hairs contribute its major role in providing beauty and good appearance to human face and personality. Long and healthy natural hairs on head or scalp provide freedom to women and men, boys and girls to do their desired head hair styles. They can achieve several desired hair styles if their natural hairs on head or scalp are quite dense, long and well cared. They can cut their natural hairs to their desired lengths time to time to do hair styles. If there is any hair loss, baldness or thinning of hair takes place then it is very difficult to make desired hair styles and people have to wear artificial hairs, hair wigs, hair extensions, nylon hairs to cover up noticeable hair loss, however natural hairs can be restored through hair transplants nowadays. Women and girls always like to have good growing hairs on their head or scalp. They like to have dense and long hairs on their head. They do not bear any hair loss to their natural head hairs and usually aware to have natural hair transplant treatment. They also like to have sufficient natural hairs on their eyebrows and eyelashes to look beautiful & attractive and they know that hair loss at eyebrows and eyelashes is generally treatable through eyebrows hair transplant and eyelashes hair transplant nowadays. Men and boys are also conscious for their good hairs on their head, beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes. They want to have gorgeous, masculine and handsome personality with their different hair styles on head and face. Head hairs play a big role to make different hair styles on head wherever hairs on mustache, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes helps them to have different facial styles with unique personality. Male hair loss to useful hairs is treated through male hair transplants worldwide to eliminate the hair loss anxiety and getting permanent hair restoration. Unwanted hairs for men and women, girls and boys which create inconvenience and show ugly appearance to them can be treated through laser hair removal which is a reliable and economic solution for it.
In the conclusion I would like to say that beauty natural hairs play a crucial part in providing gorgeous personality to people living worldwide unless they stop growing or showing hair loss. Natural beauty hairs are really one of the most valuable assets of human life for the sake of beauty.

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