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Is hair transplant safe in India?

Natural hair transplant image
Natural hair transplant image

There are two types of hair transplant in India one is natural hair transplant and other one is artificial or synthetic hair transplant. Natural hair transplant is always safe hair transplant in India while artificial or synthetic hair transplant is quite unsafe. During natural hair transplants natural hair grafts or hair follicles of an individual are transplanted to bald parts or recipient parts of same individual. We cannot transplant one individual’s hair grafts to another individual’s bald parts due to mismatching of hair grafts, hair follicles, blood cells and DNA which may cause negative effects, infection, and skin tissue damage. It may further give rise to fetal consequences to recipient individual’s health and life as well. We also cannot transplant artificial hairs/bio-fiber hairs/nylon hairs to human skin because of non-biocompatibility of these artificial hairs to human skin. The US Federal Drug Administration has banned use of fibers for synthetic hair transplantation to human skin against non-biocompatibility to it during 1983.
Hence, only natural hair transplant is safe in India and abroad. We provide all natural hair transplants at our WHTC-Walia Hopital Ludhiana India since last ten years which are genuine human hair transplant treatments and according to the rules set by The United States Federal Drug Administration (USFDA) and Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India (AHRS India). We do not recommend anybody facing hair loss to have artificial hair transplant or synthetic hair transplant which we consider fetal to his/her health and not according to rules of The USFDA and AHRSI too. There are several websites running online which claim to give artificial or synthetic hair transplantation, however they indeed are wasting precious time of people and confusing them not to take a right decision to have only natural hair transplant treatmentsin India or worldwide.


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