Know more about beard reconstruction

Know more about beard reconstruction
More questions and their answers about beard reconstruction and beard hair transplant which we discuss here. These questions are generally asked on beard reconstruction or beard hair transplant at our WHTC (Walia Hair Transplant Center)-Walia Hospital Ludhiana by several people worldwide which are answered by our hair transplant surgeon Dr. D.S.Walia.

Q. What is beard reconstruction?
A. Human beard can be reconstructed if it is not containing uniform hair density and show patches with no hairy zones on it, due to absence of hair grafts genetically or other issues including accidental cuts, injuries, wound scars, or alopecia. Such problems are being faced by males globally. It is advisable that if males have above mentioned abnormalities then they can reconstruct their beard at our center. The beard hair can be transplanted after examining the donor parts on man’s head or chest. It is one day procedure and people from all nations can take beard hair transplantation procedure to reconstruct their beard abnormalities at our hospital.

Q. What are beard reconstruction benefits?
A. The beard reconstruction is very useful for young boys and men looking handsome with good personality if they are experiencing no hair zones or spots on their beard. Young men prefer to have their beard reconstruction before getting married or being engaged for it or to look with perfect beard. Beard hair transplantation at Walia Hospital is a natural hair transplantation micro surgery which is based on FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), a latest technology of modern era by which beard defects are treated permanently. Beard reconstruction provides permanent relief and peace of mind which helps to improve their health eliminating ugly, spotted or defected beard stress forever.

Q. Why beard reconstruction?
A. We have observed that some adult boys with their friends or parents used to visit our hair transplant center and show strong desire to overcome the stress raised due to odd appearance of their beard which may contain some no hair zones or spotted hairs, cuts, injuries or wounds, scars on it with total lack of hairs. It would be better for them if they could reconstruct their beard at our hair transplant center. They were seen very keen on having hairy and impressive beard to give it desired style and gorgeous appearance to their face.
Beard reconstruction is beneficial to have gorgeous appearance and personality for adult boys and men facing hair issues on their beard. Several adult boys like having good beard before their marriage and they can achieve their goal through our latest technology of beard reconstruction available at our center nowadays.

Q. What is beard reconstruction cost or beard hair transplant cost in India?
A. Beard reconstruction cost or beard hair transplant cost in India is very much less at our center than that of being charged in other nations across the world mainly including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Dubai, Australia etc. Beard reconstruction cost at Walia Hair Transplant Center-Walia Hospital Ludhiana India varies between some thousands INR and it is calculated through number of hair grafts which were transplanted multiplied by the cost of one hair graft at that time. The one unit hair graft cost generally includes our gross surgical charges. The beard reconstruction cost may also be decreased at our center if the individual is availing any discount package being offered by our hair transplant center at that time. An individual facing beard issues may ask us or visit us anytime and after examining his beard we give him an estimated cost of his beard reconstruction or beard hair transplant. He may also send us close pictures of his beard from different angles via emailing us at to get estimated cost of his beard reconstruction from us.

Q. Is beard reconstruction painful?
A. No, beard reconstruction is not painful. It is performed under FUE technique with local anesthesia.

Q. Does beard reconstruction require blood transmission for surgery?
A. No, beard reconstruction does not require any blood transmission as no any bleeding takes place during the procedure. Our all hair transplants are bloodless.

Q. How much time does beard reconstruction take?
A. Beard reconstruction is generally one day treatment if there is mild hair loss and small spots/defects to repair.

Q. When does beard reconstruction show results?
A. It generally takes two to four weeks time to show good growth and positive results.

Q. How can i remove defects on my beard
A. Through beard reconstruction or beard hair transplant procedure of our hair transplant center

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