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Know more about eyebrows reconstruction

We are going through Eyebrows reconstruction and some questions asked by several clients worldwide. The answers to these questions are given under guidance of Dr. D.S Walia
Q. What is human eyebrows reconstruction
A. Human eyebrows reconstruction is an eyebrows hair transplant treatment to reconstruct eyebrows of a man, woman, girl or boy worldwide at WHTC –Walia Hospital Ludhiana India. Eyebrows reconstruction is performed when an individual is experiencing noticeable hair loss due to cuts, injuries, surgical stitches, wounds, over plucking and other reasons on his/her eyebrows.
Q. Why does eyebrows reconstruction and eyebrows hair transplantation require for eyebrows hair loss?
A. Eyebrows are very beautiful part of our face, which not only add beauty to face but also provide features to it plus helping individuals to make facial expression while talking to someone. Eyebrows losing mean losing face identity forever. Young women are more conscious than men in this regard to care their eyebrows and give it desired shape matching their face and eyes during their daily make up. They like eyebrows which contain sufficient hairs so that they could look more beautiful. Young girls also like to have beautiful eyebrows and if women and young girls unfortunately have any thinning of hairs or no hair zones due to cuts or injuries on it which are noticeable then it is quite difficult for them to bear such condition for their whole life. Eyebrows reconstruction and eyebrows hair transplantation is required for ending the stress raised by eyebrows hair loss. Every male and female across the world like to have most beautiful eyebrows which eyebrows reconstruction through eyebrows hair transplantation had made it possible nowadays at our WHTC- Walia Hospital Ludhiana India.
Q. Is eyebrow reconstruction painful?
A. No, it is not painful. It is performed through FUE technique
Q. How much time does eyebrow reconstruction take?
A. It takes one day only
Q. What is the cost of eyebrows reconstruction?
A. It depends on how many hair grafts plus how much labor of hair transplant surgeon and professionals’ team are consumed.
Q. Where is your eyebrows reconstruction center located?
A. It is located at our WHTC-Walia Hospital Ludhiana, Punjab, India.
Q. Why we consider your WHTC for eyebrows reconstruction?
A. For we provide best eyebrows reconstruction at our WHTC at economic cost.
Q. Does eyebrows reconstruction remain permanent for whole life
A. Yes it remains permanent for whole life


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