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Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal from man’s back
Laser hair removal from man’s back

It is fact that armpit waxing, chest-waxing, shoulder-waxing, back waxing are outdated nowadays due to pain and lack of time. Males living worldwide want permanent hair removal for their unwanted hairs. Skin specialists are getting large number of men for laser hair removal which is on the rise nowadays.

Laser hair removal for men is quite useful for men who have unwanted hairs on their face, back, chest, shoulders, ears, abdomen, legs, arms, armpits and other parts of body. Laser hair removal at our Walia Hospital is being provided to get comfort and save time against regular tweezing, waxing and shaving of unwanted hairs of males living in Ludhiana, India and worldwide. The cost of Laser hair removal at our hospital is affordable ranging from some one hundred US dollar to five hundred US dollar. Male laser hair removal provides gorgeous appearance to men and makes them live comfortably.

Time requirement for laser hair removal for men depends directly upon area of skin being treated for it and it generally ends within two to three hours. There are no side effects of laser hair removal at our hospital as we use standard and US FDA approved laser hair removal machines. Dr. D.S. Walia, hair transplant and laser hair removal specialist at Walia Hospital Ludhiana says “Laser hair removal for men shows its best results fifteen days after the treatment. To remove unwanted hairs permanently more sitting for LHR might be required. We do not remove unwanted hairs of men which we consider important for any hair transplantation in future to restore their beauty hairs.”
Hence we say it is useful for men to take hair transplant expert’s advice before going for a laser hair removal of unwanted hairs as active follicles of these hairs might be used for their hair restoration or treat hair loss permanently.


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