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Male hair loss

Male hair loss is also known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Hair loss in man is very common among human males worldwide nowadays. It creates unpleasant appearance to males through developing bald parts or no hair zones in several shapes mainly on their head. Hair loss also occurs on their beard, mustaches, eyebrows and eyelashes. Head hair loss or scalp hair loss is generally experienced by most of males. During the earlier stages or hair loss males get receding front hair line which develops bald zones on head or crown of scalp. This receding front hairline grows backward slowly and covers most of scalp in V shape after some months or years. Other shapes regarding baldness are also formed on male heads where it covers center of the scalp. It sometimes also covers temples, posterior head or even whole head.

Over 95% of males worldwide are experience male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia which is characterized by receding of front hair line from both lateral sides of the forehead and thinning crown. It is generally noticed that 30% of males begin balding by their age 30 while 70% males get it by their 60s. There are several causes of male hair loss including

Genetics is the main cause responsible for male pattern baldness as genes from both parents inherit it to next generations.
Male DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone which is hair growth promoter adversely initiates a process of follicular miniaturization which involves deterioration of hair follicles.
Traction alopecia which involves pull on hair with excessive force in males with ponytails and cornrows hair styles.
Radiotherapy also causes male pattern baldness when it is applied to the head against certain cancers.
Medications against blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol also cause male pattern baldness or male hair loss
Poor nutrition, mineral deficiencies, protein deficiencies also responsible to cause male pattern baldness
Excessive intake of animal fats and Vitamin A also cause mail hair loss
Stress brings poor blood supply and circulation to hair follicles which causes hair loss
Sunlight exposure also causes male hair loss via phototoxic effects
Alopecia areata also called spot baldness can further result in alpecia totalis by spreading on all scalp or entire body alopecia universalis
Thyroid also causes male hair loss. Hypothyroidism causes frontal male hair loss while hyperthyroidism brings parietal hair loss
Age is also responsible for male hair loss which causes individual alopecia during which hair follicles turned themselves from growing stage(Anagen phase) to resting stage(Telogen phase)
Air and water pollutants, hair care products and chemicals also cause male hair loss
Excessive oily scalp also causes male hair loss by providing suitable environment to develop Domodex folliculorium a microscopic mite which feeds on sebum produced by sebaceous glands on scalp and prohibits essential nutrients supply to hair follicles.
Infection on scalp also causes hair loss in males
Various disorders including typhoid and cancer also cause man hair loss.


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