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Male hair Transplant at Walia Hospital

Male hair transplant procedure is given to the men who are facing excessive/significant/noticeable hair losses on their head/scalp, face including beard, mustache and eyebrows. The hair loss in men may be due several reasons including age, hormonal deficiencies, genetics or it may be caused by accidents, cuts, injuries, wound scars etc.
Men usually encounter receding of their front hair line as they reach beyond age of 35 years, the receding front hair line then gradually goes behind and covers both temporal regions making V shape baldness on most of males scalp. The central part or crown of scalp also becomes bald due to thinning of hairs which gradually covers up the whole head giving rise to total male baldness.

Hair loss treatment for men is a very delicate and micro level based surgery which can only be performed by a skilled, specialized and well experienced surgeon via utilizing modern and costly scientific gadgets. The surgical technique given for hair loss treatment for males is known as FUE hair transplant technology which is a latest and modern technology being performed across the world. Second method for male hair transplant is given through Strip Method in which a strip of some 10 to 15mm width and some centimeters long with active hair grafts is taken out surgically from the donor part of posterior head and then transplanted after dissection and separation of hair grafts in bald parts.

Consultation for a hair transplant procedure:
There are no hair transplant consultation charges to pay at Walia Hair Transplant Center. At first consultation, Dr Devinderjit S Walia analyzes the hair loss on male patient’s head and then discusses his expectations and preferences. He then gave his best advice to the patient about how much grafts are needed and how much time for single or multiple sittings are required to perform a successful hair transplant procedure.

Time duration for male hair transplant:
The duration for male hair transplant procedure depends on how many grafts are required for male hair transplantation. Generally 3000 hair grafts are transplanted in one day and on the very next day the rest of hair grafts are transplanted successfully to cover up the male pattern baldness.

Desired and natural hair styles might be achieved:
Through male hair transplantation at Walia hair Transplant Center Ludhiana India hair restoration on male head is successfully accomplished and in addition to this beard reconstruction, mustache reconstruction, eyebrows reconstruction, eyelash reconstruction can also be achieved and performed successfully to give desired hair styles on head and face.

Painless Treatment:
Male hair transplantation is a painless treatment during which no pain, bleeding and scars are experienced afterwards via FUE technique; however, stitches might be given after Strip hair transplant treatment which shows a linear scar around the posterior head during deep hair cutting styles only, otherwise covered with grown hairs.

Recovery period:
Recovery of hairs on male head and face is generally noticed within two to three months after taking a hair transplant procedure for male baldness treatment, beard hair transplant, mustache hair transplant, eyebrows hair transplant or eyelash hair transplant. There are some precaution measures to be taken before and after undergoing a male hair transplant procedure which you read more at


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