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Man’s beard hairs are best hair grafts

Man’s beard hairs are best hair grafts for their hair transplants on head and face:
Our latest researches which are still continue at Walia Hospital Ludhiana India in the field of hair transplants‘ surgeries including implementation of various new techniques in FUE hair transplants and use of hair grafts had revealed the fact that man’s beard hairs are best donor hair grafts for male hair transplants on their head and face. The main advantage of the beard hairs as donor hair grafts is that they are more potent and thicker (around 3 times) than those we usually get from donor parts on their posterior head or scalp. The beard donor hair grafts are hence more suitable than other body hairs which can be used to transplant on different recipient parts on head, beard, mustache and eyebrows. To transplant the beard hairs on head and face, FUE technique is still most suitable and trusted surgical technique nowadays.


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