Mustache reconstruction

Mustache reconstruction
We would like to discuss some more information about mustache reconstruction. People from all over the world used to ask us some questions like we placed below which were answered by Dr. D. S. Walia
Q. What is mustache reconstruction? and why it is required?
A. Mustache reconstruction is a surgical process in which mustaches of an individual can be repaired if there no hairy zones are present which must have natural hairs. Mustache hair may also be affected against accidental cuts, injuries, scars, wounds etc. Mustache reconstruction can also be performed when males wants to have desired mustache style. During mustache reconstruction hair grafts are transplanted via FUE hair transplant technique and hair are transplanted in desired directions and design. Mustache reconstruction is performed by an experienced team of surgeons who transplant live hairs to mustache design.
Mustache reconstruction is required to have desired mustache style and to repair spots on it. Mustache reconstruction or mustache hair transplant is necessary to have gorgeous personality with impressive and beautiful mustaches. It is generally noticed that majority of males worldwide like to have impressive mustaches on their face to represent their masculine identity and they love to have short, long or trimmed mustache on their face.

Q. What is mustache reconstruction or mustache hair transplant cost in India:
A. Mustache reconstruction or mustache hair transplant cost in India is very low as compare to other nations worldwide. It is determined by multiplying number of hair grafts transplanted versus cost of a single hair graft at that time at our WHTC-Walia Hospital Ludhiana India or by area required to be repair by FUE technique.

Q. Is mustache reconstruction painful?
A. No, mustache reconstruction at our hospital by FUE mustache hair transplant is not painful.

Q. Are there left any scars after mustache reconstruction?
A. No, there left no any scar after mustache reconstruction at our hair transplant center

Q. Why mustache reconstruction at your hair transplant center?
A. We provide low cost mustache reconstruction with best quality hair transplant technique

Q. How much time does mustache reconstruction take?
A. It is one day treatment.

Q. What precautions are necessary before taking mustache reconstruction?

A. Please may read about it at clicking on precuations

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