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Natural versus synthetic hair transplants

Natural versus synthetic hair transplants:
There are several hair transplant clinics, hospitals, plastic surgery clinics running in India and abroad which claim providing various hair transplants including, synthetic hair transplants, artificial hair transplant, bio-fiber hair transplants, non surgical hair transplant, non surgical hair replacement, bio-fiber, artificial hair, hair extensions, hair plugs for men or women. It is necessary for us to mention here that these all are for getting temporary relief to hair loss and not a permanent solution to baldness or facial hair loss. Hair loss patients generally get confused with all these false types hair transplants as they could not decide which one is the best and permanent hair transplant treatment for them. These all called artificial or synthetic hair transplants to provide temporary relief and look to hair loss patients.
We have categorized hair transplants in two main categories

Natural hair transplants
Synthetic/artificial/hair transplants
Natural hair transplants:
Natural hair transplants: Natural hair transplants are genuine hair transplants which are being provided at several hair transplant clinics, centers and hospitals in India and abroad nowadays including our Walia Hair Transplant Center, Walia Hospital Ludhiana India performed through FUE or FUT hair transplant techniques. These hair transplants are in fact provide a permanent solution to several hair loss issue of a patient. Natural hair grafts of a patient are transplanted to cover baldness, thinning of hairs, hair loss on face etc. A single hair graft contains a natural hair follicle with one to three hair shafts which grow life time.

Why we not perform artificial hair transplantation
Artificial hairs are bio-fibers or nylon made which are non- biocompatible to human skin. Artificial hairs also leave cysts on scalp and demand more care than that of required by natural hairs. We don’t recommend artificial hair transplantation as artificial fibers presented several risks of disorders, infections, injuries against their non-biocompatibility to human skin and showing no benefits to public health. In 1983, the US Federal Drug Administration has banned use of fibers for synthetic hair transplantation against these reasons.

Synthetic/artificial hair transplantation:
During artificial hair transplants, artificial hairs or synthetic hairs were used to be transplanted at bald areas on human scalp to make a dense look of hairs there. Synthetic hairs or natural look hairs were generally implanted on human scalp to cover bald parts. This artificial hair transplantation was performed in very limited cases when hair loss patients generally had no donor areas on their head, facing alopecia and were demanding instant results not waiting for weeks for results of natural hair transplantation. This synthetic hair transplant was a conventional method and out of practice now.

Hair transplants at our Walia Hospital
At our Walia Hair Transplant Center, all hair transplant treatments/procedures are Natural hair transplant treatments which are being provided to people worldwide. We never use any artificial hairs to provide hair transplant treatment to our patients as artificial hairs use in any hair transplantation is banned worldwide. All hair transplants including, male hair transplant, female hair transplant, beard hair transplant, mustache hair transplant, eyebrows hair transplant, eyelashes hair transplant are performed through FUE technique, under guidance of Dr. D. S. Walia, MD, MBBS. Natural hair follicles are extracted out from donor parts of a patient and then transplanted to bald/recipient parts of the patient making very minute incisions at suitable directions on human scalp to give transplanted hair a genuine and natural look. Our all natural hair transplants are quite painless, bloodless, stitch-less and scar-less with 100 percent best positive result.

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