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Temporary Hair loss

If you are facing hair loss then it is import to confirm and fix it. When your daily head hair fall exceeds over 100 to 150 strands, a normal loss, then it is considered as an abnormal condition to your locks. You may face it for several days and it will be useful to diagnose the actual reason behind it through consultation with physicians and undergoing suitable medical tests as soon as possible. Take it easy and do not get too much stressed about it. The reason may be temporary for it. If you are facing hair-thinning then there may be some reasons that can bring it on you. The temporary hair loss reason may be associated with your health, diet, lifestyle, hairstyle, or medication.

Health conditions and the disorder

Your health conditions including anemia, hypothyroidism, typhoid, stress or trauma, hormonal imbalance, skin infection, child birth, cancer, and major surgery may cause the illness and the thinning to you. These health conditions if treated within a short period of time then your disorder can be reversed. If you are facing anemia or hypothyroidism then chances are there that you may face it.

Diet and the disorder

Diet also plays a crucial role to bring the fall if you are taking meals that are deficient of hair-growth supporting minerals, vitamins, and proteins. You can consult a dietician to improve your diet to stop the issue further. It is very important that you include fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, zinc and iron rich edibles, plus sufficient proteins in your daily diet. You also have to add proper amount of iron, zinc, calcium along with vitamins.

Lifestyle and the disorder

Your lifestyle may also be a cause for it. If you eat fast foods, too much fried and spicy foods then it will not good for your health and hair. It is generally noticed that we like to eat spicy and fried foods nowadays that increase our body weight tremendously. Moreover, we do not like doing indoors or outdoors exercises. For maintaining our good health we should have to pay attention on our taking daily exercises and changing our eating habits to avoid fast foods. Our modern lifestyle is really making us obese and lazy as we want everything to be operated on remotes without doing any labor for it.

Hair style and the disorder

Loose hairstyles are useful to avoid it than tight ones. Tight hairstyles including braids and cornrows are generally harmful for hairs as these create continuous pull on it. Some follicles may damage though such styles, this condition of the loss is termed as Traction alopecia. So it is important to adopt loose hairstyles to save your locks

Medication and the disorder

If you are consuming medicines against your abnormal health conditions including acne, ulcers, thyroid, blood pressure, blood consistency, inflammation, hormone treatment, cholesterol, and heart problems, then side effects of some medicines may bring the problem to you. So, it is important to consult side effects of a drug before consuming it. The hair loss side effect information is generally known from medical stores and physicians.

In conclusion temporary hair loss is not a big issue to be worried about seriously. If you are smart enough to make some efforts and consider above mentioned information then you can successfully overcome the issue and reverse it to live happily and healthily. If you are facing the disorder and could not get success to overcome it, then Dr D S Walia MD, Hair Transplans Surgeon, at Walia Hospital Ludhiana India will help you. You can visit the links below for getting more information about him or to contact him.

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