Useful B vitamins for hair growth

The B vitamins are useful to lower down stress level and improve health; they are really a wealth of goodness for gearing up hair growth. They are essential for our overall health of hair and skin as well. These are generally found in fish, meat, poultry, nuts, bananas, legumes, and milk.

Vitamin B1: Also known as Thiamine supports increase in blood circulation that flow to hair follicles and keeps them healthy to produce potent hairs.

Vitamin B2: It also termed as Riboflavin. It is responsible to increase Oxygen flow in blood that is necessary to proper growth of skin tissue and follicles.

Vitamin B3: It is called Niacin and helps to dilate blood vessels that support better circulation of blood to send nourishment and Oxygen to hair follicles and skin cells.

VitaminB5: It is generally termed as Pantothenic Acid and it is useful to release protein in our blood stream that is useful to build hair cells to make natural hair filament in hair follicle.

Vitamin B6: It is known as Pyridoxine that support healthy nervous system and protects scalp from skin infection that causes hair loss.

Vitamin B7: It is famous as Biotin that is a part of B complex vitamins. It is generally termed as vitamin H. This water soluble vitamin is useful for hair growth and it supports production of energy in cells and their metabolism. It also improves splitting, thin or brittle hair and nail too.

Vitamin B9: It is known as Folic Acid that makes hair follicles potent and strong. It makes your hair thicker and shiner. It prevents graying of hairs. It is useful in production of hair follicles through supporting copying of DNA. It helps to get correct copying of DNA during cell division and follicle production. This process is quite important to support cell division and hair growth.

VitaminB12: It is called as Cobalamin that supports healthy nervous system. It also helps in production of potent red blood cells that are useful for hair growth.
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